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Map editing

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Introduction to Editing Maps

Waze currently uses the Waze Map Editor (WME) as the primary editor. It was previous known by it's development code name of "Papyrus". During the transition to this editor, it was also know as the "New Cartouche."

The previous editor was known as Cartouche and later was also called "Old Cartouche" or "Cartouche_Old."

As of 2011/02/01 it is still available for some functions that are not yet implemented in the new WME, but it is only recommended to be used by very advanced users for very specific tasks. Please post a question in the Waze Support Forums before using the old map editor Cartouche.

Select the Guide for the map editor you'd like to use

New interface's guide (Waze Map Editor)
Old interface's guide (Cartouche)

Country and Language Specific Map Editing Guidance

Instructions specific to your country and language are found on your country's page: