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Maryland GHO

Most active Maryland Map editors communicate via a "MD Wazers" Google Hangout. To join the MD Wazers GHO, go to this URL:

List of Maryland Editors

To make it easier for everyone in the GHO, we ask that Maryland editors fill out this form, so we can match user-names with "real" names. The information is available in the google sheet shown below.

Please fill out this form:

Update Requests

An Update Request (UR) is a Map Issue reported by a user from the Waze client app. It is also a layer in the Map Editor. See update requests for more information. Maryland has a policy of shared UR management. This means that URs are open to all editors and that there is no "ownership" implied when posting the initial comment. However, it is courteous to allow new editors or editors you don't have an informal agreement with an extra day or two to respond to reporter comments and/or post reminders. Effective UR conversations are usually achieved with a single point of contact for the reporter, but other editors can step in if a UR with reporter comments begins to sit idle or if they think another editor needs help. Please be respectful to other editors and reporters while working URs; it is usually best to send a message to the editor rather than chatting with them through a UR. (Most reporters don't care about the chat, they just want it fixed and not be bothered with multiple responses). Typically, an editor should be given some time to respond to the reporter's comments (since real life has a way to occasionally get in the way to prevent editing time on some days).

In Maryland we have adopted at 0/4/4 system for response to Update Requests. 0/4/4 is the short way of explaining the following.

Standard URs

Day 0

The first editor who is able to respond to UR should attempt to resolve the UR. If they are successful, they should comment as such in the UR and mark it closed. If more information from the reporter is required to make progress towards closure, a query should be sent to the reporter requesting the information needed for resolution

Day 4+

Polite reminders should be sent to a reporter who has never responded to a query, provided at least three full days have elapsed since the initial response was sent. (You can send reminder at 00:01 Eastern Standard (or Daylight when applicable) Time on the fourth day).


"If no further information is provided we will be unable to fix the issue you encountered and this report will be closed soon"

Second Day 4+

URs may be noted as closed due to lack of reporter response, provided at least three full days have elapsed since the followup message was sent (You can close at 00:01 Eastern Standard (or Daylight when applicable) Time on the fourth day since the reminder was sent)


"This report is being closed due to lack of information, please submit another report if the issue continues. Happy Wazing!"

Speed Limit URs

The first user able to respond to a Speed Limit ("SL") UR must evaluate the UR for its applicability to the nearest segment. If the nearest segment to a SL UR has a Verified SL supported by recent Streetview ("SV") imagery (or other means) OR the speed limit cannot be added due to Waze USA policy (roundabouts, ramps, etc) it should be marked as "NOT IDENTIFIED" and a reply should be sent to the submitter explaining the reason for closing the UR. Examples:

  • "This speed limit report is being closed because it was on a road segment with an already verified speed limit confirmed using recent street view imagery or other means. If you believe this speed limit is incorrect, please reply in the Waze Map Editor, or at [email]."
  • "This speed limit report is being closed because it was on a road segment that does not have a legally enforceable speed limit. Only speed limits posted on black and white regulatory signs are added to the app. "

If the SL UR occurs on a road segment with an unverified SL or a SL without recent SV imagery, request confirmation from the user on the SL sign and its location. Examples:

  • "Can you please confirm your speed limit report on [road name]? We have a speed limit of [existing SL], did you see a different speed limit posted on a regulatory black and white sign?"
  • "Can you please confirm your speed limit report on [road name]? We don't have any information on speed limits for this road."

SL URs should be revisited after only 1-2 days, and closed after only 3-4 days without a response. Use the closing comment to direct the user on proper SL reporting. Example:
"We have not been able to verify your speed limit report. Please only submit SL reports for roads with incorrect or missing speed limits. Android users can choose to see the SL at all times in the settings menu; iOS users must input the code ##@debugspeed."