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:Choose City Map from the Base Map drop-down menu (all other options are copyrighted).<br/>
:Choose City Map from the Base Map drop-down menu (all other options are copyrighted).<br/>
*[ Baltimore County GIS]
*[ Baltimore County GIS]
*[ Calvert County GIS]
*[ Calvert County GIS]
*[ Carroll County GIS]
*[ Carroll County GIS]

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Functional classification

Please review the USA Functional Classification page for details on this topic. In rare cases, a particular road may require a different type than prescribed in the national guidance. Before changing the type of any road past the bounds of the rules, please post the situation to the Maryland Forum to receive feedback. Maryland resources can be found in the following links:

SHA Highway Location Reference
nzahn1's Mapping Resources (2012, Google Earth)
Carroll County
Carroll County Function Classfication Webpage (2007)

Road names

Use these state-wide maps for the names and numbers of Interstate, US, and State highways. They also include the names of many local roads.

Use this tool to identify street addresses. MD Dept of Planning recommends Firefox for this mapping application, however Chrome works well too). Under the Contents tab, check Parcel Boundaries and uncheck all other options. Navigate to a property and click it, then click SDAT URL in the popup for the Real Property page.

Counties and cities

Use these maps for the names of local roads and smaller streets not identified on the state maps. Some also provide house numbers.