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Maryland/To do

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To help keep track of progress on various WME overhaul projects in maryland. Use the Maryland Assignments google sheet to volunteer and track your progress.

The purpose of this sheet is to volunteer/assign portions of the state's road network, and counties for improvement.

Editors may "sign-up" for a job by writing their username in the cell associated with a County or Federal/State Hwy.

If an editor chooses to work on a highway route, it should be completed as an individual project, and completed in a as few sessions as possible, to protect routing functions.

Once a 'job' is complete, the cell should be colored green to indicate completion.

Add Speed Limits

Add speed limits reported from the app, or from viewing street view imagery in the WME. Additionally, you can view SHA's data on Speed Limits.

Once you've completed adding speed limits in an area, mark it on this google map, by coloring the area green:

Speed Limit Scripts

These scripts may help facilitate the adding of speed limits. Use as directed, report any error only to the script thread, not in the WME thread. Most scripts require Tampermonkey.

WME Color Highlights (WMECH)
WMECH now includes a "No Speed Limit" filter. You can also choose to highlight streets as well as highways.

Street Vector Layer
Replaces standard "Roads" layer with a customizable layer. One of the customizations colors the road "shoulders" with speed limit colors.

WME Speed Helper
Adds quick buttons for adding speed limits to selected segment(s). Also a button for clearing speed limits.

Merge/Delete Cities

Boots on the Ground

These are BOTG missions that need doing. A few notes: no there are no bonus points, no there is no mileage reimbursement.

  • US-301 at MD-305 (Hope Rd) - New Interchange, look for Exit Signage, new geometries.

Place Harmonization

Please use Title Case in all Place Names!
Review these categories in your managed areas:

  • MVA Offices: "MVA - Office Name or City Name"
  • Hotels: "Hotel Chain Name - City Name or as listed on website

Note that the DC regional Place Browser includes parts of Southern Maryland.

  • If you find any Point Places submitted by a driver near the middle of a major road, please review and move it to the appropriate stop point. Or evaluate if it should be deleted.
  • Check for duplicate submissions.

Park & Ride

Add SHA / Park & Ride areas across the state.
Format: "Park & Ride - Place Name / Street

  • Maryland SHA Park & Ride Areas List <- Please update this spreadsheet
    View locations on a Map

Additional P & R Locations in Virginia, Metro Washington DC, Maryland and West Virginia