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;Learn how to create and use a [[Waze_Map_Editor#Permalink|permalink]]  
;Learn how to create and use a [[Waze_Map_Editor#Permalink|permalink]]  
; [[Map_Editing_Quick-start_Guide#Create_a_Road|Create a new road]]
; [[Map_Editing_Quick-start_Guide#Create_a_Road|Create a new road]]
; Recognize an unconfirmed [[Creating_and_editing_road_segments#Confirm_the_road_by_updating_details|red road and confirm how to confirm]]the details on the new road
; Recognize an unconfirmed [[Creating_and_editing_road_segments#Confirm_the_road_by_updating_details|red road and confirm how to confirm]] the details on the new road
; Check and correct road direction (one-way or two way),  
; Check and correct road direction (one-way or two way),  
; Correct road names.
; Correct road names.

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Welcome new editors. You will be working with experienced editors on several important skills for new editors.

Most of what you will be learning about how to use WME and the right way to do things will also be found in this reference right here.

Your edits will show up on the live map after the next tile update -- usually in a day or two. When you are logged in, you will see your points in your dashboard. If you create or change places, you will have to wait for approval from a level 2 editor. See the FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions.
Read the MegaMapRaid wiki page
Log in to the editor
See other editors
Use the layers icon Layers.png in the upper right-hand corner and tick the box next to Live Users.
Use chat WME Chat minimized visible no new.JPG
During the mapraid, do most of your chatting in your slack channel. But keep this open in case someone needs to get your attention. After the mapraid, you will be using WME chat a lot.

Some things you will be learning to do:

Learn how to create and use a permalink
Create a new road
Recognize an unconfirmed red road and confirm how to confirm the details on the new road
Check and correct road direction (one-way or two way),
Correct road names.
How to recognize when roads are connected to other roads. fix all the allowed and not-allowed turns
Permissions why you sometimes can't edit things you want to edit -- and what to do about it.
Use Shift+Z to show which turns are forbidden.
Add a geometry node to a road and move it around
Remove a geometry node from a a road
Select just an intersection and move it around
Cut a road segment in two using another road segment
Delete the road segment used to cut the other road segment
Delete the junction between two road segments
Create a new road segment that crosses over another road segment, but does not connect to it
Select both segments and look for the "junction" icon to join them.
Learn a little about road parking lots
parking lot roads (PLR) - map only the outside edges, the storefront, the main aisles, mark them unnamed
parking lots themselves -- we usually don't need them, unless they are a destination in themselves. Instead of marking the parking lot at the mall, mark the entire mall.



    1. Not Delete roads or any parts of roads -- because that deletes traffic data.
    2. Not Create parking lots or area places, or add roads or lanes in parking lots. This can confuse Waze and clutter the map. Because all your place changes will initially require approval, you might like to avoid any Places edits (points and areas) entirely at first.
    3. Not Make changes to major roads and their ramps or turn lanes.
    4. Not Make changes to roads that are connected to locked roads.
    5. Not make two-way roads into divided roads or highways, even if they are that way in real life.