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MegaMapRaid/Mentoring area

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Welcome new editors. You will be working with experienced editors on several important skills for new editors.

Most of what you will be learning about how to use WME and the right way to do things will also be found in these reference materials.

) make sure you are visible in WME Chat (but dont use teh chat window to chat) NEW MESSAGES

qwaletee [4:28 PM] 2) make sure you turn on the layer named "Live Users" so you can see other visible editors in the same spot as you

qwaletee [4:28 PM] 3) make sure you know what red roads are and how to fix them

qwaletee [4:28 PM] 4) know how to create a PermaLink containing the segments involved in the question you are asking

qwaletee [4:29 PM] 5) know just a tiny bit about parking lot roads (PLR) - map only the outside edges, the storefront, the main aisles, mark them unnamed

qwaletee [4:30 PM] 6) how to set turn restrictions, and be cognizant that you have to set them or remove them by carefully viewing the environment

qwaletee [4:30 PM] 7) Read the MegaMapRaid page in the wiki

qwaletee [4:31 PM]4:31 Is that a long list? I hope not!