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== Michigan Exceptions to the Community Wiki ==
== Michigan Exceptions to the Community Wiki ==
(work in progress) DRAFT - "Michigan Lefts"
'''''"Michigan Lefts"'''''
* (work in progress DRAFT)
== Forum ==
== Forum ==

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Information and resources regarding editing Waze maps in Michigan. Resources for other states and the entire country can be found on the Resources page.


javascript:(function(){var center_lonlat=new OpenLayers.LonLat(,;center_lonlat.transform(new OpenLayers.Projection('EPSG:900913'),new OpenLayers.Projection('EPSG:4326'));'''&lon='+center_lonlat.lon+'&action=xy&msrv=1','Mich Map');})();

Here are instructions on Adding a Bookmarklet.

Major Cities

Please list cities smaller than 100,000 under their county in the category below this one


- Links are GIS resources unless otherwise indicated.
- Sites marked with a $ have fee based access.

Road Categorization

See Road Naming (USA), Road Types (USA) and Examples of Michigan Roads By Type

Road Construction


Speed / Red Light Cameras

Speed and red light cameras are illegal in Michigan. (source: [1])

Michigan Exceptions to the Community Wiki

"Michigan Lefts"

  • (work in progress DRAFT)


Michigan sub-forum

To-do Lists

Keep track of work that needs to be done and coordinate efforts with other AMs.

Area/Country Managers

If you are an Area Manager who covers the State of Michigan, or a USA Country Manager active in Michigan, please add yourself alphabetically to this list.

You are also encouraged to create your own User Profile here in the Wiki. The profile can then also be linked to from your Forum Signature.

(Edit this section to read the comments explaining how to add yourself .)

Username Areas Managed Comments Forum PM

agedcheeze West Michigan Area Kent, some Muskegon, Ottawa, and Allegan. PM
captnkeegs Grand Rapids Area. Mostly working Kent & Barry county some Ottawa & Allegan county area. PM
davielde Ann Arbor A2 and surrounding areas PM
GizmoGuy411 Home AM area: NE Ohio, SE Michigan, NW Indiana US Country Manager, Global & US Waze Champ, Great Lakes Regional Coordinator PM
lelehman Mt. Pleasant, Lansing Area Mostly working on mid-Michigan. PM
jschultz7 SE Michigan Working downriver and surrounding areas PM
Riamus Northern lower peninsula North of the Grayling line. PM
robc007 I-94 Between Marshall and I-275. PM

miked_64 SW Lower MI GR, Kzoo and surrounding areas PM
Usernames in blue have created Waze Wiki Profiles. Usernames in red have not.

About this page

Please report broken links to: (volunteers needed)

This page was initially created using the Ohio Information and Resource Waze Wiki page as a template on 2012-05-07 by GizmoGuy411.

If you are a Michigan AM, please help develop this page and add a link to your profile and/or PM below to show you are a contributor to this page.

Contributors: (Profile / PM}
GizmoGuy411 / PM - initial creator and continued contributor -