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Hangout Group

Minnesota also has a Hangout Group for the state. Originally, this was only opened for Minnesota Area Managers; however, after serious consideration, it is now opened to any person doing editing in the state of Minnesota. This will give quick editing guidance and will allow to easily collaborate information between other users in the state. If you wish to be included in this Hangout, Please PM DallasGrant with your Google (Gmail) email address so he can add you to the group.

Hangouts is an app available on Android and iOS devices. You also can use an extension in the Chrome Web Browser to access this chat. Go to: for more information.

Update Requests

An Update Request (UR) is a Map Issue reported by a user from the Waze client app. It is also a layer in the Map Editor. See update requests for more information.

In Minnesota, we have adopted at 1/6/10 system for response to Update Requests.

Day 1

This is the first day the editor responds. We typically want to answer a report within 24 hours, but this should be at least attempted within the first 3 days.


""Thank you for reporting a [general error] through the Waze app. The report was not clear on what exactly happened at [this location]. Could you please explain the issue that occurred further?""

Day 6

If the reporter has not commented after 6 days of this initial comment a message should be sent reminding the reporter that we need more information about the problem they encountered to fix the issue.


"We apologize that we have not heard back from you to explain the issue further. We will need a response to fix the issue further. This ticket will be closed in 4 days if no response occurs."

Day 8

If the reporter still has not commented after 4 more days (10 days since initial comment) a message should be sent telling the reported that we were unable to fix the problem and this report is being closed. The Update Request then needs to be closed as Not Identified.


"We apologize that we still have not heard back from you about the issue. We have not found the issue and it could be that your map is giving you incorrect information. Please go to the Waze App, then go to Settings / Advanced Settings / Data Transfer and then Refresh Area of My Map to see if that improves anything. Due to no response, we are closing this ticket. You can submit another report if the issue is still present"

Rural Areas

While we would like to have every inch of Minnesota covered with a network of editors, we are not currently at that level of community involvement. The 1/6/10 rule has been set as the standard for areas with Area Managers and active editors; However, in many areas there is very little editor coverage. That being said, use good judgment in these areas as there may be Update Requests that are greater than 30 or even 60 days old. There is no penalty or negative perception to answering these, quite the opposite. Please, still take the time to send the reporter a message to see if they can remember the issue and allow them additional time to provide more information. In these areas, we will follow a 1/15/30 rule. Day 1 is the first day an editor responds. Day 15 is the warning message stating the issue will be closing in 15 days. Day 30 to close out the ticket.


"Thank you for your report! I apologize for the late response, we are volunteer editors and in some areas there are not many of us. You reported a General Error near Fairlane Dr and Rapidan Ave in Rapidan, MN way back on 9 Dec 14. Do you remember what issue you encountered?"