Motorway Class A-Roads

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We need to check that:

  • Carriageways have appropriate directionality
  • Carriageways roughly match the GPS tracks
  • Both carriageways (where applicable) are locked
  • All junctions exist
  • All junctions give enough warning to drivers where applicable (recommended to add slip road where road marking start for exit)
  • All connections onto roads from junctions or side roads are correct (may as well name those too)
  • All junctions are graded (i.e. roads have different levels where appropriate)
  • Ramps (where applicable) are named in accordance with the new naming convention introduced on 1 Feb 2012.

PLEASE FOLLOW THE NORMAL UK WIKI CONVENTIONS NOTE: If an A-road has been completed and verified, please change title to "Ax - COMPLETE" (where Ax is A-road and number)

A1*(M) (Complete)

A1(M) - Done

A1(M) (Newcastle Central Motorway East) - Done

A1(M) Alconbury - Peterborough - Done

A1(M) Barton - Washington - Done

A1(M) Blyth - Adwick le Street - Done

A1(M) Darrington - Dishforth - Done

A1(M) South Mimms - Baldock - Done

A14(M) - Done - although technically it's not numbered.

A167(M) - Done Except for sliproads

A168(M) - Done - although technically it's not numbered.

A194(M) - Done

A3*(M) (Complete)

A3(M) - Done

A308(M) - Done

A329(M) - Done

A38(M) - Done

A4*(M) (Complete)

A404(M) - Done

A48(M) - Done

A5*(M) (Complete)

A57(M) - Done

A58(M) - Done

A6*(M) (Complete)

A601(M) - Done.

A627(M) - Done

A635(M) - Done

A64(M) - Done

A66(M) - Done

A666(M) - Done

A7*(M) (Complete)

A74(M) - Done

A8*(M) (Complete)

A8 (M) (NI) - Done

A823(M) - Done

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