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Formal Mentoring is a great tool to quickly learn the ropes of editing correctly and efficiently. It includes the potential for accelerated rank and role upgrades.

The New York editing community also communicates using a Google+ page, and community, these are linked below.

Waze New York Google+ Page

Waze New York Google+ Community

Google Hangouts link to this section

There are several Google Hangouts for NY. Any editor is welcome at any of these. Their purpose is not to exclude, rather to make discussion easier to follow. Click the links below to join the respective Hangout using your Google account.

Statewide Hangouts:

  • NY Editors - "Main" hangout for statewide or advanced issues.
  • NY Boot Camp - Safe space for new editors to learn to get accustomed to how everything works.
  • NY Off-Topic Banter - Silly, off-topic nonsense goes here, so as not to clutter the other channels.

Local Hangouts: