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New York/Mapraid/Queens

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Resources for the Queens team.

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Area Wazer Northern boundary Eastern boundary Southern boundary Western boundary
P Dogshrink water Grand Central Pkwy I-495 water
Q ottonomy water Clearview Expwy I-495 Grand Central Pkwy
R x water suburbs I-495 Clearview Expwy
S x I-495 Van Wyck Expwy Jamaica Ave Brooklyn
T x I-495 Clearview Expwy/212th Jamaica Ave Van Wyck Expwy
U x I-495 suburbs Hempstead Ave Clearview Expwy/212th
V x Jamaica Ave Van Wyck Expwy Belt Pkwy Brooklyn
W x Jamaica Ave / Hempstead Ave suburbs Conduit Ave Van Wyck Expwy
X sketch Conduit Ave / Belt Pkwy suburbs the ocean Brooklyn