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City Labelling in New Zealand has been evolving. This document has been created to try and set some standards.

City and County Naming

The City field should be used to specify the city, town or village for all the streets within it.
Rural roads that are in-between towns should be be left with No city.

Where possible, the simplest unique name should be used. In the case where two towns share the same name, the County can be added in brackets afterwards. For example, "Redhill (Whangarei)" would distinguish it from the suburb in Auckland. It is preferable to have no suffix on whichever town is the larger or more well known.

Urban Areas

To aid in an easy to understand client display, if the street is visible at higher zoom levels (Primary and above) the City field should be used to only specify the city, town or village. However if the city has suburbs and the street is only visible at closer zoom levels (Standard and below) this field should be the suburb. An alternate name with the City field with the other value should be added to aid the searching of roads in that area.


Lets take Kamo, Whangarei as an example.

For all primary and above roads in the area:

  • Primary city: Whangarei
  • Alt city: Kamo

Standard roads or lower in the area:

  • Primary city: Kamo
  • Alt city: Whangarei

Rural Areas

Excluding Motorways if a road is driven at open road speeds then it is classified as a rural road, and the Primary street details should have No City ticked, but an alternative name entered with the city which would be given in a postal address. Unlike Urban areas there is no difference between Primary and Standard roads in this case.


Lets take a road on State Highway 3 as an example.

When travelling on the Open Road (e.g. when the speed limit is 100kph):

  • Primary city: No City
  • Alt city: City name listed for postal purposes

When not travelling on the Open Road (e.g. when not travelling at 100kph):

Follow rules given under Urban Areas