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==[[waze:About|Om Waze]]==
==[[waze:About|Om Waze]]==
==[[Slik begynner du med Waze]]==
==[[Gjør Waze bedre]]==
Country: Norway
==[[Gjør Waze bedre|Bidra til å gjøre Waze bedre]]==
City: Poststed (Usikker? Bruk
==[[Kartredigering/gjøre forandringer på kartet|Kartredigering og forbedring]]==
* For wide roads with two directions of traffic, create two one-way roads so that a GPS
lock will be made correctly. All two lanes highways should be split this way, also the
primary streets if they have more than 2 lanes (like Jalan Kuching in Kuala Lumpur eg)
===[[Area Manager]]===
==[[Area Manager|Områdebehandler]]==
===[[Bruk dine språkferdigheter]]===
==[[Problems and Issues]]==
==[[Development Plans]]==
==[[Teknisk Informasjon]]==
==[[Development Plans|Forbedringsområder]]==

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