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== T-3 months ==
== T-3 months ==

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T-3 months

  • Lock up two-week raid window
    • Identify holidays to avoid, both US and Israel
    • Find dates planning team is unavailable
    • Select dates
  • Confirm Champs have dates and have blocked them off on master raid list
    • Don't want to compete with a bigger raid
  • Announce raid
    • Use ROUGH dates as calendar can shift downrage
    • Say you're taking applicants, leave time to apply
      • Two weeks is a good window
      • Make sure to PM editors who don't check GHO often
      • Remind at the halfway mark of the signup window
  • Notify accepted editors
    • PM people directly
    • Update forum post saying applications are closed
      • Possibly list people in raid?
  • Create Raid hangouts
    • Participants
    • Planning/Mentors
  • Make raid zone map
    • Cut up overall area into proper number of areas
    • Get "coloring" slides from Terry that were made by RickZabel and color appropriately
    • Previous feedback is one editor per area is a good thing
    • 220 sq miles of basemap is a lot. Maybe do half that?
    • Have Terry create raid script
    • Have Champs send link for raid map to Orbit
  • Send out request for mentors
    • GLR AM hangout, forum posts
    • Consider going outside region for mentors
    • Closeout feedback said 1:1 ratio of mentors to mentees was ideal

T-2 Months

  • Workshops
      • Find out what organizes want covered, get right people to teach
    • Possible topics
      • Raid 101: useful tools (validator, toolbox, JAI, Color Highlighter, raid overlay, localizations for ohio)
      • Raid 102: how to attack basemap (ordered criteria come in helpful here)
      • Raid 201: places
      • Raid 201: Junction Angles Intro
      • Raid 202: Road types (not FC!)
      • Raid 203: Closures
      • Raid 204: turn/segment restrictions
      • Raid 205: house numbers
      • Raid 206: divided roads
      • Raid 207: AGCs
      • Raid 301: smudged cities
      • Raid 302: Routing basics
      • Raid 303: Keep/turn/exit
      • Raid 304: U-turns
      • Raid 305: interchanges
      • Raid 306: diagnosing routing issues
      • Raid 307: Functional Classification
      • Raid 308: Text-to-speech (abbreviations, etc)
      • Raid 309: Area Manager basics (what role is and isn't, expectations)
      • Raid 401: Freeways
      • Raid 402: Wiki editing
      • Raid 403: Tunnels/overpasses/bridges (elevation, splitting segmetns)
      • Raid 404: Wayfinder
      • Raid 405: Detour Prevention
      • Raid 406: State Manager intro (role, expectations)

T-1 Month

  • Final check with Champs that our dates are good and don't overlap
    • Do NOT do anything else until you know dates are good
  • Announce final dates to participants
  • Make sure areas get submitted in plenty of time
    • Get entire raid area assigned to all editors
    • Ask it to run four weeks to leave padding
  • Raid wiki
    • Feedback said previous wikis were good, so consider them as a starting point
  • Update state wiki
    • Try to make sure all guidance is fresh before you start
  • Send reminders of dates to get excitement up, get chatter going in the GHO
  • Host workshops
    • Restrict membership to raiders during session
    • Share widely afterwards (orbit has a lot of interest, for example)

T-1 week

  • Areas go live!
    • Make sure everyone has area, send in high-priority requests to get any people missing fixed

Raid Start (T-0)

  • Make sure as many mentors as possible can be there when the gun goes off
  • If it's a slow start, may have lost momentum for entire raid
  • Proactive mentors
    • Feedback is mentors should not be passive!
    • Mentors should actively ask who is editing when they "check in", and then walk their areas
    • Try to spot as many learning opportunities as possible
  • Raid promotions
    • Remind mentors to be watching for people going above/beyond


  • Host closeout meeting
    • Come with specific questions of what worked/didn't work in case people are reluctant to chip in at beginning
    • Do as little as possible, organizers are just facilitators
  • Post raid scoreboard
  • Announce raid promotions

Workshop Hangouts

Ohio did one hangout per topic in the past. To peruse what was covered: