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Oregon/To do

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This page is intended to inform map editors on what is being worked on or is completed in the State of Oregon, as well as what is planned according to ODOT or other cities as we find out about them. The last section has transportation and highway resource links for the state.

As of creation of this page, there are two primary active area managers that either have all or a majority of Oregon in their editing permissions. If you have any questions, or need guidance, please feel free to contact them.

Please remember to follow all standards of editing, documented in this wiki. By marking a project complete, you are stating that the work was done following the standard set down by the community (or as best as possible in case where scenarios don't fit any of the standards documented).

Area Managers

AM Contact Notes
User:Rallychris Forum PM
Alan Email or PM State-wide AM for WA, OR, ID


Name Editor(s) Status Comments
20px-I-5.svg.png I-5 AlanOfTheBerg,


99% complete Full length from Washington to California border is intact and should be routable. There may be some exceptions to properly named exits.
20px-I-82.svg.png I-82 AlanOfTheBerg
20px-I-84.svg.png I-84 AlanOfTheBerg 99% complete Full length from Portland to the Idaho border is intact and should be routable. There may be some exceptions to properly named exits.
20px-I-82.svg.png I-82 AlanOfTheBerg,


20px-I-105.svg.png I-105 AlanOfTheBerg
20px-I-205.svg.png I-205 AlanOfTheBerg,


20px-I-405.svg.png I-405 AlanOfTheBerg

US Highway

Name Editor(s) Status Comments
20px-US_20.svg.png US-20
20px-US_26.svg.png US-26
20px-US_28.svg.png US-28
20px-US_30.svg.png US-30
20px-US_30N.svg.png US-30N
20px-US_30S.svg.png US-30S
20px-US_95.svg.png US-95
20px-US_97.svg.png US-97
20px-US_101.svg.png US-101 AlanOfTheBerg 100% From Washington to California, connectivity intact and named with primary and two alternate names.
20px-US_197.svg.png US-197
20px-US_199.svg.png US-199
20px-US_395.svg.png US-395
20px-US_730.svg.png US-730

State Highway

Name Editor(s) Status Comments
25px-OR_35.svg.png SR-35 RallyChris Complete
25px-OR_260.svg.png SR-260 RallyChris Complete

Road Closures

This section contains details about road closures currently in place in Waze, usually through disconnecting of segments to prevent Waze from routing along a certain stretch of road. If you perform a closure in Waze, please document it here so other area managers can ensure the roads are reconnected at the appropriate time.

Road Name Editor Closed Date Est Open Date Links and comments

Future New or Realigned Roads

Large road construction projects often have website project pages and give notice to the public prior to starting. If we stage these roads in Waze and have them ready to deploy when they open to the public, Waze will be a leader in update map providers.

Road Or Project Name Est Compl Date Links and comments
I-5 at Del Rio Rd Sep 2012 ODOT will replace the Del Rio bridge over I-5 at the Winchester Interchange (Exit 129). All ramps for Exit 129 will move and Del Rio Rd and OR99 will be realigned.

ODOT Project Page


US199 at Josephine Co fairgrounds Summer 2012 ODOT to redesign the intersections of US199 and Fairgrounds and Ringuette.

ODOT Project Page


Useful Resources