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Pennsylvania generally follows the US standard for Places for guidance in regards to mapping Points of Interest & Businesses. There are many categories of Places to add to the map, Please see the the places post regarding information pertaining to important places that should be added to the map. These include Hospitals, Police Stations, Fire Departments, Colleges and Universities, Municipal Courthouses, County Courthouses, Airports, Military Bases, Theme Parks, Zoos, and Aquariums, Ski resorts, and Golf Courses.

Pennsylvania standards for places differ in some ways from the US standard.

All Places are to be locked to a minimum level of Rank 2.
Places considered fundamental to the functioning of the Waze app, such as Gas Stations, should be locked to Rank 4.
Complex, intricate, or crucial Places such as Hospitals, Police Stations, Fire Departments, Airports, Parks, etc. should be locked at least to Rank 4.
area vs point
The standards for area vs point are somewhat different from the US standard.

For more information on this please see Pennsylvania/Places.