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Punkty orientacyjne

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Country: Poland

Stacja benzynowa

Punkt orientacyjny:

  • Type: Gas Station
  • Name: <Marka> <Nazwa ulicy lub miejscowości>
    Na przykład: "Orlen Włóczków", "Shell Kapelanka"
  • Address: <adres stacji>
  • Phone number: +48 <kod> <numer>
    Na przykład: +48 12 259-0650
  • Brand: <marka> If the brand is not listed raise a support request.
  • Description: <godziny otwarcia> i t.p.
    Na przykład: "24H", "Pon-Pią 7-22, Sob 10-20"


  • Type: Parking Lot Road
  • City: None
  • Street: > Marka lub None
    Na przykład: "> Orlen", "> Shell"



Correct mapping of petrol stations is vital for new Gas Price feature in Waze v3.2 for iOS and Android, which helps Wazers find the cheapest petrol station near them or on their route.

Petrol Stations should be mapped according to the following guidelines:

  • A Landmark of "Gas Station" type should be placed over the entire forecourt, so it's visible on the map and prevents any Wazers from creating a false traffic report.
  • Routes in and out should be mapped with roads of "Parking Lot Road" type, they should not be named (city name is optional) and they should have appropriate directions and turn restrictions.
  • The landmark should be named appropriately (not just Petrol Station or Shell etc).
  • The address should be added if known.
  • The brand should be selected correctly. If the brand is not listed raise a support request.
  • The phone number should be added if known.

The example below shows a properly mapped Petrol Station and can be found here: UK Petrol Station Example 1.jpg