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Reģiona Koordinators

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This page covers the role of the Regional Coordinator


The Regional Coordinator is a Coordinator in a country too large for one or two coordinators to cover everything. The country is divided up into regions and one or two Regional Coordinators are assigned per region. For instance, due to the large country size, the USA has Regional Coordinators.


Regional Coordinators have the same role and responsibilities as Country Coordinators.

They are experts who coordinate between the local community, other Regional Coordinators, Country Coordinators and Waze Team, as regional community ambassadors. Usually Champs.

A Regional Coordinator’s main responsibilities:

  • Participating in both the global and local Champs’ groups, and being in a direct contact with the relevant Waze community managers and the other Regional Coordinators
  • Advise about the urgency and the severity of any reported issue
  • Be aware of the company news, product announcements, new versions etc.
  • Assist with social media activities in the country
  • Take part in the setup of local and regional editors meetups

List of countries with regional structure

The following countries are broken into regions, with regional coordinators responsible for a regional instead of the country as a whole. The country name links to the documentation for regions/regional coordinators for that country.