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{{LatviaTabs | Rediģēšana}}
{{LatviaTabs | Rediģēšana}}
{{Ātrā navigācija/Redigesana}}
{{Ātrā navigācija/Redigesana}}

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This page serves as the overall editing manual and map editing style guidelines for the Waze map using the Waze kartes redaktors (WME).

Editing Manual

The Waze Map Editor can be very intuitive to use for most new map editors, however it is important to understand things that are not necessarily visible when editing. In some cases, what you don't know can really hurt the maps. Please read through the links to familiarize yourself with the contents.

Key operation

Mapping guidelines

  • Outdated Aerials - a form to report locations where the aerial imagery is out of date

More information

If the information desired is not located in the above links, go to the Waze Forumu to ask the question.