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(Getting started)
(Getting started)
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:You'll be asked to provide a username and password, an email address, and optionally to choose a waze nickname, which is used to identify you on the map and in reports you send, should you choose to be identified.<br/>

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User Manual-Symbian Keypad

Main screen

When you'll enter the program the following screen appears:



The Waze screen has the following main sections:

*A top status bar

GPS Connectivity - (green means connected , orange means partial coverage, gray is disconnected).

Satellite on.png Satellite low power.png Satellite off.png

Connection Status- (gray means disconnected, when connected no icon appears).
Web off.png

Mood icons- (happy, sad, etc...)
Moods happy.png

The smiley shows the mood you're in at the moment. If you've chosen to be visible to other wazers (green privacy icon), your mood is also displayed to them; and if you've chosen to tweet your reports to your Twitter followers, they'll see your current mood as part of the tweet.



This icon refers to the number of reports received by the groups you’re registered to.

Reports on the road

Live reports.jpg

This icon refers to the number of traffic reports and events received by the community

*The main screen where the map is displayed

On the center of the screen on the map the following icons appear:





Clicking on 5 will switch to 3D view. (if you'll press it again it will switch back to 2D)

This state will be added to the map in another dimension - a dimension depth which will allow wider angle of vision.


If you want to zoom-in on the map then press the * button.
If you want to zoom-out on the map then press the # button.

*Text buttons on the bottom of the main screen:

Me on Map (displays where you are right now).
Report (you will get this option when pressing me on map)
Note - report options will appear only if there is GPS reception and network data connection.


Clicking on report will open the next menu:


Note - all options will appear only if there is GPS reception and network data connection.

You can choose one of the following events:

Traffic jam15.jpg
Speed cam18.jpg
Chit chat19.jpg
Map update20.jpg

Downloading the application on the device

1.Using the internal browser, type in the address:


2.Press Ok


3. Wait until the download is finished.


Install the application on the device

1.Press Yes


2. Press Continue.


3. Select on which memory (device/card) that you want to install the software and click Select.


Attention- It is recommended that you install WAZE on the phone's internal memory for smoother operation of the software.

4. Wait until the installation is complete.



5. Select the server you want.


6. Read and confirm the license agreement.


7. Create a new account:

7.1 After confirming the license agreement wait until the get started screen will pop
up and then press on get started.
7.2 Fill in the information.
7.3 Press Ok.

Installing the application using Nokia PC Suite

Interactive guide to Nokia PC Suite

1. Download the installation file to your computer from the following link: LINK save on the desktop (you can delete the file later).


2. Press Ok.


3. After this comment, the installation will continue on your phone.



Download waze

In order to download waze, make sure you have an Internet connection (3G or Wi-Fi) on your mobile.

1.1 Go to or search for waze in the Android Market: (If you download from, you can skip to step 1.3)


1.2 Search waze

1 2 search waze.png

1.3 Select waze from the search results

1 3 search result.png

1.4 Tap Install to start the download

1 4 install.png

1.5 Tap OK to confirm the Notifications:

1 5 confirmations.png

1.6 After couple of seconds you' ll see the next screen, tap waze: Community GPS to see downloading progress.

1 6 start downloading.png

1.7 Downloading progress:

1 7 download progress.png
Note: If you want to cancel the downloading, just tap Cancel download


The installation will start after downloading is finished.

2.1 Installing Progress:


2.2 After the installation ends, tap Open in order to start the installation use or Uninstall to remove waze from your device.

2.2-open or uninstall.png

Getting started

3.1 waze splash screen:

3 1 splash screen.png

3.2 Initializations and first time running:

3 2 first time running.png

3.3 Initializing:


3.4 If GPS or AGPS are off on your mobile settings you'll get the next message:

3 4 no gps connection.png

3.5 After the initialization you'll be required to select your location (If the GPS and AGPS are turned off):

3 5 choose a server.png

3.6 Language files will be downloaded according to the selection :

3 6 downloading language1.png

3.7 After that Terms of use will be presented:

3 7 terms of use.png

In order to proceed you need to confirm that you understand and accept those terms of use.
Click the Accept button to continue to use waze, or the Decline button to exit the program.
If you have accepted the terms of use, you will next get a form to create your account.

3.8 Select your language:

3 8 language.png

3.9 After choosing the language the Welcome screen will be displayed:

3 9 welcome.png

3.9.1 If you're a new user at waze, tap New user. Fill out the details below in order to create your account:

3 9 1 1create account.png

You'll be asked to provide a username and password, an email address, and optionally to choose a waze nickname, which is used to identify you on the map and in reports you send, should you choose to be identified.