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Scripts/Toggelis Waze Editor/it

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   <string name="app_name">Toggelis Waze Editor</string>
   <string name="map">map</string>
   <string name="map_element">map element</string>
   <string name="action_settings">settings</string>
   <string name="color_edit">edit</string>
   <string name="primary">Primary</string>
   <string name="station">Station</string>
   <string name="wood">Wood</string>
   <string name="water">Water</string>
   <string name="city">City</string>
   <string name="share_as">share as ..</string>
   <string name="share_as_file">share as file</string>
   <string name="share_as_text">share as text</string>
   <string name="save_as">save as ..</string>
   <string name="save_as_file">save as file</string>
   <string name="save_as_text">save as text</string>
   <string name="save_skin_to_waze">save skin to waze</string>
   <string name="restore_orig_skin">restore original skin</string>
   <string name="cancel_editing">cancel editing</string>
   <string name="copy_color">copy color</string>
   <string name="paste_color">paste color</string>
   <string name="copy_skin">copy skin</string>
   <string name="paste_skin">paste skin</string>
   <string name="locale">language ..</string>
   <string name="yes">YES</string>
   <string name="no">NO</string>
   <string name="menu_about">about TWE</string>
   <string name="upgrade">upgrade version</string>
   <string name="q_lose_edits">Unsaved changes will be lost. Proceed?</string>
   <string name="q_restore_orig">All your saved changes to this skin will be lost. Proceed?</string>
   <string name="cancel">cancel</string>
   <string name="color_copied_to_clip">Color copied to clipboard.</string>
   <string name="color_pasted_from_clip">Color pasted from clipboard.</string>
   <string name="last_saved_skin_restored">Last saved skin restored.</string>
   <string name="orig_skin_restored">Original waze skin restored.</string>
   <string name="skin_saved">Skin saved.</string>
   <string name="chose_map">Please chose a map.</string>
   <string name="skin_imported">Skin imported to TWE, not yet saved to Waze.</string>
   <string name="skin_copied_to_clip">Skin copied to clipboard.</string>
   <string name="send_scheme_with">send skin with</string>
   <string name="marshmallow_warning">Waze on Marshmallow does not allow color schemes to be edited. Sorry for the inconvenience.</string>
   <string name="about">TWE version $1. \nFor more information and help please visit $2</string>
   <string name="err_reading_skin">Error reading scheme file </string>
   <string name="err_color_format">Format must be #AARRGGBB or #RRGGBB</string>
   <string name="err_skin_restore">Could not restore original waze skin to </string>
   <string name="err_skin_saving_to">Error saving skin to </string>
   <string name="err_propfile_write">Update element color failed: could not write to properties file.</string>
   <string name="err_waze_skindir_notfound">Waze skin dir not found: </string>
   <string name="err_twe_skindir_create">Failed to create TWE skin dir: </string>
   <string name="err_skin_import">Failed to import skin</string>
  <string name="err_no_skin_in_clip">Could not read skin from clipboard</string>
   <string name="err_licence_check">Licence check not OK</string>
   <string-array name="wazeShortPrefNames">
       <item>--- FREEWAY ---</item>
       <item>freeway inner</item>
       <item>freeway outer</item>
      <item>--- MAJOR HIGHWAY ---</item>
      <item>major highway inner</item>
      <item>major highway outer</item>
      <item>--- MINOR HIGWHAY ---</item>
      <item>minor highway inner</item>
      <item>minor highway outer</item>
      <item>--- PRIMARY STREET ---</item>
      <item>primary street inner</item>
      <item>primary street outer</item>
       <item>--- STREET ---</item>
       <item>street inner</item>
       <item>street outer</item>
       <item>--- RAMP ---</item>
       <item>ramp inner</item>
       <item>ramp outer</item>
       <item>--- 4x4 TRAILS ---</item>
       <item>4x4 inner</item>
       <item>4x4 outer</item>
       <item>--- PRIVATE ---</item>
       <item>private inner</item>
       <item>private outer</item>
       <item>--- PARKING ---</item>
       <item>parking inner</item>
       <item>parking outer</item>
       <item>--- RAILROAD ---</item>
       <item>railroad inner</item>
       <item>railroad outer</item>
       <item>--- TRAIL ---</item>
       <item>trail inner</item>
       <item>trail outer</item>
       <item>--- WALKWAY ---</item>
       <item>walkway inner</item>
       <item>walkway outer</item>
       <item>--- PEDESTRIAN ---</item>
       <item>pedestrian inner</item>
       <item>pedestrian outer</item>
       <item>--- CITY ---</item>
       <item>city inner</item>
       <item>city outer</item>
       <item>city label</item>
       <item>--- STATION ---</item>
       <item>station color</item>
       <item>station label</item>
       <item>--- LABEL ---</item>
       <item>label color</item>
       <item>label bg</item>
       <item>--- MAP ---</item>
       <item>map bg</item>
       <item>--- NAVIGATION ---</item>
       <item>route inner</item>
       <item>route outer</item>
       <item>stop inner</item>
       <item>stop outer</item>
       <item>shared inner</item>
       <item>shared outer</item>
       <item>shared stop inner</item>
       <item>shared stop outer</item>
       <item>--- WOOD ---</item>
       <item>wood color</item>
       <item>wood label</item>
       <item>--- WATER ---</item>
       <item>water color</item>
       <item>water label</item>
   <string-array name="map_names">
       <item>DEFAULT MAP</item>
       <item>Map editors</item>