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WME Toolbox: Measurement Tool

The measurement tool allows users to make a variety of distance measurements. Depending on the Metric versus Imperial setting on the WME Settings tab, the measurement tool will use labels in meters or feet.

Segment distance

Click on any segment to see the distance between geometry nodes as well as from A and B. The white labels show the distance between nodes, and the yellow labels show the cumulative distance from the A and B junctions.

You can click off of a segment to clear the selection, and the labels will be preserved until you click onto another segment, select the Place perimeter or ruler option, or close the measurement tool. You can even click on (or create) geometry nodes and drag them around to see distances update immediately without having to save.

Segment distance currently only works with one segment selection at a time. Toolbox MeasurementTool Segments.PNG

Place perimeter

Click on an area place to see the distance between geometry nodes. As with segments, you can drag geometry without saving, and the distances will update automatically as you drag. Measurements are currently only displayed for one area place at a time. Toolbox MeasurementTool Places.PNG


Click anywhere on the map, and a black ruler icon will appear where you clicked. Drag your cursor around, and you can see the straight-line distance to your new cursor position. Click again to disable the ruler or to start again with a new origin. Toolbox MeasurementTool Ruler.PNG