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Country: Poland

Uwaga! W budowie!


  1. Keep it simple — nie komplikuj!
  2. Każda reguła ma wyjątek.

Soft and Hard Turn Combinations

Arrow Turn State Restriction Penalty How to Set More Information
Arrow Red-2.png Hard Restricted Very High When an editor clicks on an arrow to change it from green to red or from red to green to red again Waze will generally not route through this turn
Arrow Red-2-question2.png Soft Restricted High Newly created turns from joining existing segments to other segments

Picked up from existing segments when joined by new segments

Cannot return to this state except when the adjacent conditions are met
Arrow Green-2-question2.png Soft Enabled Low Automatically set by Waze when traffic flows through Soft restricted turns enough times Waze will not override a Hard restricted turn due to traffic flow against that direction
Arrow Green-2.png Hard Enabled Very Low When an editor clicks on an arrow to change it from red to green or from green to red to green again Also set when selecting a junction and pressing the Q then W shortcut keys