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{{FC/County|Hampton|not started|date=YY/MM/DD}}

Revision as of 18:35, 7 January 2016

FC Upgrade Status by County (sortable)
County Editor(s) Status Updated
Abbeville uscwaller (PM) complete 15/11/25

Aiken uscwaller (PM) complete 15/05/14

Allendale uscwaller (PM) complete 15/11/30

Anderson multiple (PM) complete 15/12/19

Bamberg uscwaller (PM) complete 16/01/02

Barnwell uscwaller (PM) complete Y16/01/01

Beaufort uscwaller (PM) complete 15/11/27

Berkeley jwe252 (PM) complete 15/11/27

Calhoun jwe252 (PM) complete 15/12/08

Charleston multiple (PM) complete 15/05/07

Cherokee russwd (PM) complete 15/12/19

Chester crazycaveman (PM)jwe252 (PM) complete 15/11/27

Chesterfield HavanaDay (PM)jwe252 (PM)florencescman (PM) complete 15/12/17

Clarendon jwe252 (PM) complete 15/08/12

Colleton jwe252 (PM)uscwaller (PM) in progress YY/MM/DD

Darlington jwe252 (PM)N714LT (PM) complete 15/12/01

Dillon jwe252 (PM) complete 15/11/25

Dorchester jwe252 (PM) complete 15/11/28

Edgefield uscwaller (PM) in progress 15/05/25

Fairfield jwe252 (PM)N714LT (PM) complete 15/11/26

Florence jwe252 (PM) complete 15/05/07

Georgetown jwe252 (PM) complete 15/07/03

Greenville thortok2000 (PM)russwd (PM) complete 15/12/18

Greenwood uscwaller (PM) complete 15/09/12

Hampton jwe252 (PM) complete 16/01/07

Horry jwe252 (PM)ialangford (PM) complete YY/MM/DD

Jasper uscwaller (PM) complete 15/11/27

Kershaw jwe252 (PM) complete 15/12/01

Lancaster crazycaveman (PM) in progress 15/05/07

Laurens uscwaller (PM) complete 15/11/28

Lee jwe252 (PM) complete 15/11/30

Lexington ialangford (PM) complete 15/05/18

Marion jwe252 (PM) complete 15/09/18

Marlboro jwe252 (PM)Florencescman (PM) complete 15/12/21

McCormick uscwaller (PM) complete 16/01/03

Newberry uscwaller (PM)jwe252 (PM) complete 15/11/27

Oconee Rooksie (PM)uscwaller (PM) complete 15/11/29

Orangeburg jwe252 (PM) complete 16/01/05

Pickens Rooksie (PM) in progress 15/05/07

Richland ialangford (PM) complete 15/05/27

Saluda uscwaller (PM) in progress 15/05/25

Spartanburg thortok2000 (PM)russwd (PM) complete 15/11/26

Sumter jwe252 (PM) complete 15/11/28

Union russwd (PM) complete 15/12/19

Williamsburg jwe252 (PM) complete 15/06/27

York crazycaveman (PM) complete 15/12/08