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System messages

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This is a list of system messages available in the MediaWiki namespace. Please visit MediaWiki Localisation and if you wish to contribute to the generic MediaWiki localisation.

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Name Default message text
Current message text
accesskey-pt-mycontris (Talk) (Translate) y
accesskey-pt-mytalk (Talk) (Translate) n
accesskey-pt-preferences (Talk) (Translate)  
accesskey-pt-userpage (Talk) (Translate) .
accesskey-pt-watchlist (Talk) (Translate) l
accesskey-save (Talk) (Translate) s
accesskey-search-fulltext (Talk) (Translate)  
accesskey-search-go (Talk) (Translate)  
accesskey-summary (Talk) (Translate) b
accesskey-t-contributions (Talk) (Translate)  
accesskey-t-emailuser (Talk) (Translate)  
accesskey-t-print (Talk) (Translate) p
accesskey-t-recentchangeslinked (Talk) (Translate) k
accesskey-t-specialpages (Talk) (Translate) q
accesskey-t-upload (Talk) (Translate) u
accesskey-t-whatlinkshere (Talk) (Translate) j
accesskey-upload (Talk) (Translate) s
accesskey-userrights-set (Talk) (Translate) s
accesskey-watch (Talk) (Translate) w
accesskey-watchlistedit-normal-submit (Talk) (Translate) s
accesskey-watchlistedit-raw-submit (Talk) (Translate) s
accmailtext (Talk) (Translate) A randomly generated password for [[User talk:$1|$1]] has been sent to $2. It can be changed on the <em>[[Special:ChangePassword|change password]]</em> page upon logging in.
accmailtitle (Talk) (Translate) Password sent
accountcreated (Talk) (Translate) Account created
accountcreatedtext (Talk) (Translate) The user account for [[{{ns:User}}:$1|$1]] ([[{{ns:User talk}}:$1|talk]]) has been created.
acct_creation_throttle_hit (Talk) (Translate) Visitors to this wiki using your IP address have created {{PLURAL:$1|1 account|$1 accounts}} in the last day, which is the maximum allowed in this time period. As a result, visitors using this IP address cannot create any more accounts at the moment.
action-autopatrol (Talk) (Translate) have your edit marked as patrolled
action-block (Talk) (Translate) block this user from editing
action-browsearchive (Talk) (Translate) search deleted pages
action-createaccount (Talk) (Translate) create this user account
action-createpage (Talk) (Translate) create pages
action-createtalk (Talk) (Translate) create discussion pages
action-delete (Talk) (Translate) delete this page
action-deletedhistory (Talk) (Translate) view this page's deleted history
action-deleterevision (Talk) (Translate) delete this revision
action-edit (Talk) (Translate) edit this page
action-editcontentmodel (Talk) (Translate) edit the content model of a page
action-editmyprivateinfo (Talk) (Translate) edit your private information
action-editmywatchlist (Talk) (Translate) edit your watchlist
action-import (Talk) (Translate) import pages from another wiki
action-importupload (Talk) (Translate) import pages from a file upload
action-mergehistory (Talk) (Translate) merge the history of this page
action-minoredit (Talk) (Translate) mark this edit as minor
action-move (Talk) (Translate) move this page
action-move-rootuserpages (Talk) (Translate) move root user pages
action-move-subpages (Talk) (Translate) move this page, and its subpages
action-movefile (Talk) (Translate) move this file
action-pagetranslation (Talk) (Translate) manage translatable pages
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