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7 February 2016

     10:44Tarn ‎(diff; hist; +19) ‎    ‎TasRienVuShow user links (Noms des rues)
     08:56User:Moweez/WME Quick-Start ‎(diff; hist; +83) ‎    ‎MoweezShow user links ‎ ‎
     04:28Custom color schemes ‎(diff; hist; -16,224) ‎    ‎Ylmaz33Show user links (Blanked the page)
     04:25Waze Map Editor ‎(diff; hist; -224) ‎    ‎Ylmaz33Show user links (Editable Area)
     03:30User:JustinS83 ‎(diff; hist; +6) ‎    ‎JustinS83Show user links (Bookmarklets)
    03:04Community Plugins, Extensions and Tools ‎(2 changes; hist; -468) ‎    ‎[Ylmaz33‎×2]
     02:49Dernières informations et directives/Elévation des pedestrians boardwalk ‎(diff; hist; -1,729) ‎    ‎Ylmaz33Show user links (Blanked the page)
     02:00Illinois/To do ‎(diff; hist; +1) ‎    ‎Bigbear3764Show user links (State Highways)
 N   01:43Kansas/Places/Main ‎(diff; hist; +5,445) ‎    ‎KC-GuardrailShow user links (Created page with "<!-- This page is only transcluded into (displayed on) the main page for this state. See more detailed instructions below. --><noinclude>{{:USA/CommonState/ReturnPurge|{{SubPa...")

6 February 2016

    23:29User:Kinematic/Templates ‎(2 changes; hist; +66) ‎    ‎[Kinematic‎×2]
    23:08(Upload log) ‎    ‎[Odessit68; TheChrisK‎×2; Kinematic‎×4]
 N   22:32Template:Userbox/doc ‎(diff; hist; +2,172) ‎    ‎KinematicShow user links (Created page with "{{doc subpage}} <!-- ADD DOCUMENTATION BELOW THIS LINE --> Use this template to create a userbox for display on a userpage. == Usage == <pre> {{userbox | bodyclass = <!-...")
     22:29User:Moweez/MMR Template ‎(diff; hist; +33) ‎    ‎MoweezShow user links (Editing Resources)
     22:28Template:Userbox ‎(diff; hist; +1,536) ‎    ‎KinematicShow user links ‎ ‎
     22:23Poland/MMRPoland2016 ‎(diff; hist; +22) ‎    ‎MoweezShow user links (Editing Resources: added Satellite Imagery within Waze as allowed source, because of confusion)
    22:19Template:Userboxtop/doc ‎(2 changes; hist; -1,139) ‎    ‎[Kinematic‎×2]
     22:04Template:Infobox ‎(diff; hist; +40) ‎    ‎KinematicShow user links ‎ ‎
 N   20:07Template:Wide image/doc ‎(diff; hist; +6,594) ‎    ‎KinematicShow user links (Created page with "{{doc subpage}} <!-- ADD DOCUMENTATION BELOW THIS LINE --> This template allows you to easily include a panorama image. If the image is too wide, scrollbars will be added. If...")
 N   20:03Template:Wide image ‎(diff; hist; +1,149) ‎    ‎KinematicShow user links (Created page with "<includeonly><div class="thumb {{#switch:{{{5}}} |left= tleft" style=" |right= tright" style=" |none= tnone" style=" |#default=tnone" style="margin-left: auto; margin-right:au...")
 N   19:19Template:Photomontage ‎(diff; hist; +75) ‎    ‎KinematicShow user links (Created page with "{{#invoke:photo montage|montage}}<noinclude> {{documentation}} </noinclude>")
 N   19:10Template:Montage/doc ‎(diff; hist; +6,962) ‎    ‎KinematicShow user links (Created page with "{{doc subpage}} <!-- ADD DOCUMENTATION BELOW THIS LINE --> == Usage == This template is for grouping several images with possibility of lining them in 7 rows and 7 columns. T...")
 N   19:03Template:Montage ‎(diff; hist; +42) ‎    ‎KinematicShow user links (Created page with "<noinclude> {{documentation}} </noinclude>")
 N   18:44Template:Stack ‎(diff; hist; +960) ‎    ‎KinematicShow user links (Created page with "<table class="mw-stack" role="presentation" cellspacing="{{{cellspacing|1}}}" cellpadding="0" style="{{{style|{{#switch:{{{clear|}}} | true = cl...")
 N   18:30User:Ply8808/US Local Champ Activity Status ‎(diff; hist; +5,774) ‎    ‎Ply8808Show user links (Created page with "This page defines the commitments expected of a Local Champ in the United States. To retain the status of US Local Champ, with its...")
     18:19Wyoming/Major roads/Main ‎(diff; hist; +403) ‎    ‎TheChrisKShow user links (Major_roads/Main)
     18:15User:Ply8808/US Local Champ Activity Status (revision 2) ‎(diff; hist; +73) ‎    ‎Ply8808Show user links ‎ ‎
     18:03Washington/Resources ‎(diff; hist; -24) ‎    ‎Dude463Show user links (/Fixed Clark County GIS Link/)
    17:55Highway naming/USA ‎(2 changes; hist; +4) ‎    ‎[Fznk wiki‎×2]
    17:25Montana/To do ‎(3 changes; hist; -315) ‎    ‎[Kinematic‎×3]
     16:03New York/AM/Editor/Area2 ‎(diff; hist; 0) ‎    ‎TTJustin12Show user links (Organizing List)
    15:12USA/Mid Atlantic/AM/Editor/Area ‎(2 changes; hist; -1) ‎    ‎[Triage685‎×2]
    14:19Sweden/Translate ‎(2 changes; hist; +32) ‎    ‎[Avozetta‎×2]
  m  14:15Sweden/Redigera ‎(diff; hist; -240) ‎    ‎AvozettaShow user links (Flyttat informationen till en redan existerande undersida)
  m  14:05Sweden/Redigera/Husnummer ‎(diff; hist; -82) ‎    ‎AvozettaShow user links ‎ ‎
    14:00Pennsylvania/Area Managers/Main ‎(2 changes; hist; +40) ‎    ‎[Odessit68‎×2]