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24 February 2015

     14:15Best map editing practice ‎(diff; hist; +2) ‎    ‎SeZAKxingShow user links (Drive-Through Lots)

23 February 2015

     11:34Road names/Australia ‎(diff; hist; +388) ‎    ‎TimAThingShow user links (Dual Carriageways: Add links to global editing best practice plus clarification)

22 February 2015

     14:12FAQ ‎(diff; hist; -1,989) ‎    ‎WonderLermShow user links (How do I get support for my Waze question?)

19 February 2015

     09:16Waze Version 3.5 ‎(diff; hist; +26) ‎    ‎DeeplozShow user links (updating wikilink due to target page renaming for DAB)

18 February 2015

     17:00Okay! Lets Edit the Map! ‎(diff; hist; -40) ‎    ‎DeeplozShow user links (WME Editing your route on the map has been obsoleted. Link removal accordingly.)

17 February 2015

     19:14Things to do ‎(diff; hist; +10) ‎    ‎DeeplozShow user links (Replacing a misused template by a redirection to a true content)
     16:50Help Improve Waze ‎(diff; hist; +521) ‎    ‎DeeplozShow user links (Replacing a misused template by a true content)

13 February 2015

     10:43Client device ‎(diff; hist; -105) ‎    ‎DeeplozShow user links (deleting wikilink to non-existing page - unable to find another similar target page to fix the wikilink)

10 February 2015

  m  06:38Countries and Languages ‎(diff; hist; +57) ‎    ‎WazingArchShow user links (Currently supported languages on the Waze app (client): +Български (Bulgarian))

2 February 2015

  m  21:02FAQ ‎(diff; hist; +296) ‎    ‎MarkStewartSpeedy77Show user links (What do I do when Waze has my destination or address at the wrong location?: Add cul-de-sac info)