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The links to Waze Service Status and known Waze service issues are out of date by more and 6 months.

App Crashing

Hi I downloaded and install waze i agree to terms and conditions when i go and open the app it won't work can someone please help me thank you

Network bug report on iPad Waze

Hi there! I noticed i got a network problem with my iPad waze app.

Every time i loose my 3G signal and after it is back on again, waze is still searching network until I close the app and turn it back on. I loose all may navigation data all my drives, all my reports, etc. Non of these are recorded to my account.

Help please!

Points not adding up

Nothing I have found has helped so far. Ive been driving the last couple weeks with 2956 points left to go for 'King Wazer" Status, and it still has not updated. I drive an average 400+ miles a week and still nothing... Any Help??

Voice commands do not work on Galaxy S2 (T-mobile)

No matter how clearly and loudly I speak, Waze will not recognize voice commands. It makes it impossible to edit maps when driving.

All my points deleted when I registered as a map editor

When I accessed my account to become a map editor, my points/rank went back to zero according to the website. But when i access Waze on my phone, my rank is accurate at Waze Warrior Level. Why is this so? How do I link my internet profile with the profile on my phone?

I can't even edit the map because none of my points are being reflected in the system.  :(