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Component Description
Alerts Alert signs on the road
ASR Automatic Speech Recognition - Voice commands
Auto-suggest routes Trip server issues, client side popup, logic, opens on top of other popups, opens while active navigation
Broken Design Differences between iPhone and Android. User interface that looks bad
Categories Categories
Closure Road closure feature
Coupons Coupons
Crash All crash occurrences
Facebook events All Facebook events integration
Friend's bar Friend's bar related issues
Gaming All bugs related to gaming: scoreboard, road munching, add-ons
Gas stations Gas stations, prices, and related user interface bugs
GPS All GPS related issues
Inbox All Inbox related issues
Installation All installation related issues
Localization Country related, currency, etc. (for Language issues see Translation)
Map Map or tile rendering
My Waze My Waze screen and all of its sub menus
Navigation All route management related issues
Network All network issues, disconnections, cannot connect, etc.
Parking Parking related issues
Paving Paving feature related issues
Pick-Up Pick-Up feature related issues
Privacy Privacy related issues
Prompts All voice prompt related issues
Real Time All issues related with the communication and sync with real time server
Recordings Newly added roads on the map, pacman effect, etc.
Reports Reporting accidents, hazards, etc.
Search Search mechanism
Settings All Settings sub menus, features, and parameters
Share All issues relating sharing feature: share my drive, share my location
Sign in Anything related to the flow in Sign in or Sign up
Social All Social aspects (Facebook, Twitter and 4Square)
Sound All sound issues
Stop At Stop At related issues
Toll Toll roads issues (indication, avoidance, etc.)
Translations Different Languages translation problems, right-to-left or left-to-right, etc.
TTS Text-To-Speech related issues
UI User interface issues (broken design, menus, popups, text alignment, etc.)
Widget Widget bugs for Android only