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Comments or questions on any Wiki page can be brought up in the Template:ForumLink/community Wiki updates forum topic.
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This template provides a box displaying a link to the Wiki forum. It is designed to go on the bottom of pages (or top of talk pages) with an expectation of a high number of user questions.


Place {{ForumLink}} on a page where this message box is desired. The template is designed to automatically decode as many of the parameters as possible, but a few require being named in the template. The default condition with no parameters will send the user to the general forum on Wiki updates.

Any of the following (simplified syntax):

{{ForumLink | search-linktext }}

{{ForumLink | topicid-wikiforum }}

{{ForumLink | link-text | topicid-wikiforum }}

{{ForumLink | forumid=nnn | search-linktext | topicid }}

{{ForumLink | lang=aa | forumid=nnn | linktext | topicid }}

{{ForumLink | forum=url }}

{{ForumLink | forum=url | linktext}}



Optional parameter. The value is a URL to the Waze forum topic thread that covers a discussion of the wiki page that uses this template.


Optional parameter. If the target Waze forum is not the Wiki forum, the forumid value can be entered. This also requires a |topicid= value.


Optional parameter. If the target is using the |forum= or |topicid= parameters, this will modify the link text. otherwise this will used as a forum search query text.


Optional parameter. If |section=yes is used it will the displayed text from saying "this page", to say "this section" instead.


Optional parameter. If |community=USA (or other community name after being built into the template) is used, the link generated when a forumid or full URL is not specified will point to the local wiki forum for that specific community.


will generate the following:
Bring up comments or questions on this page in this forum Forum topic unread.gif.

will generate the following:
Comments or questions on any Wiki page can be brought up in the Wiki updates forum topic.
{{ForumLink|New Page - WME Chat|89344}}</wikilink>
You can bring up comments or questions about this in
Forum topic unread.gif New Page - WME Chat forum topic.
{{ForumLink|Go to the first topic in New Jersey's forum, guys!|forumid=249}}
You can bring up comments or questions about this in
Forum topic unread.gif Go to the first topic in New Jersey's forum, guys! forum topic.

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