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This template is to be used to add a new script into the Scripts page, as a new section.

It takes only one unnamed parameter which should be the Script title.

To use this template,

  1. Click to edit the appropriate top level section for the kind of script you wish to add (Map Editor presentation enhancements, Map Editing, ...)
  2. Place the following code on the page in the desired location for the new section. (not in middle of another scripts sections, but between sections)
    {{NewScript|SCRIPT TITLE}}
  3. Save the page, make sure to leave an edit summary.
  4. Click to expand your new section, and click on the link to add your script content.
  5. Fill in all the required details, read the notes in the wiki text, and remove the {{AddCode}} boxes as you complete those tasks.
  6. Save the new page with your script content.

See Also

This script is a simplified version designed specifically to be used on the Scripts page. It relies heavily on the {{Expand}} template.

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