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This is a documentation subpage for Template:RootPage.
It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original template page.

This template uses the #titleparts parser function extension to extract only the root of the page name.


Place {{RootPage}} where the root of the current page name is desired. An optional parameter is a pagename other than the current pagename.

Pagename {{RootPage}}
USA/CommonState/Test USA

Related versions

An adaptation of Template:Tlc except if the root page is USA it uses the second subpage. This enables the automation of USA/CommonState template suite to display the state name on pages and the template itself will display CommonState.
It operates half way between Template:Tlc and Template:Tlc. It is highly customized for the USA/CommonState template suite. The pages with "USA" respond the same, but all other pages return the {{BASEPAGENAME}}, with the exception of pages with "Main" (which stops at the Template:Tlc one level above it). This enables the automation of USA/CommonState to display normally if it is deployed on test pages. The state page can then be tested without affecting the original page and after testing is complete it can be moved along with all the subpages to the primary page.
It too is highly customized for the USA/CommonState template suite. On pages with USA/CommonState, it will display the 3rd subpage (if present), otherwise it is blank. For pages with "Main", it will display the subpage above "Main", otherwise it will display the subpage.

Pagename {{RootPage2}} {{BasePage2}} {{SubPage2}}
USA/CommonState/Test CommonState USA/CommonState Test
USA/CommonState CommonState USA/CommonState
USA/CommonState/Test/Test 2 CommonState USA/CommonState Test 2
Arizona/To do Arizona Arizona To do
Arizona/Test/To do Arizona Arizona/Test To do
Arizona/Test/To do/Main Arizona Arizona/Test To do
Arizona/Test/To do/Main/Preload Arizona Arizona/Test To do
Arizona/To do/Main/Preload Arizona Arizona To do