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Error in Parameter to RC/Data or RC/Forum
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This template is a part of {{StateForum}}.

This template serves as a lookup table for the Regional and State/Territory forums mainly in the USA. It could be modified to work for other countries, but currently does not.


This content is not used directly, but it is used through the {{StateForum}} template.


The content of the page is a lookup table that uses the switch parser function. The order of the content only serves to make it easier to maintain, but does not affect the operation of the template. The names on the left of the = are what is being looked up and are all case sensitive. Multiple spelling variants can be listed separated by | as seen with the state lines.

Each lookup entry uses the {{StateForum/Core}} code to select one of many data sets to return. Regions return different data than states.

Each region is grouped with the region and the associated states.

| Southeast = {{StateForum/Core|{{{2|}}}|JoeUsername|944|[[AL]]/[[FL]]/[[GA]]|[[Alabama]] / [[Florida]] / [[Georga]]}}
| AL|Alabama = {{StateForum/Core|{{{2|}}}|213|944|Southeast}}
| FL|Florida = {{StateForum/Core|{{{2|}}}|193|944|Southeast}}
| GA|Georga = {{StateForum/Core|{{{2|}}}|214|944|Southeast}}

The region lines (Southeast) can return a text regional coordinator text name, the ID for the regional forum, a short list or long list of states for that region in hyperlink format.

The state lines (AL/Alabama) can return a forum URL to the state, a forum URL to the region, or a text name with the region.

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