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:Switch to display the '''L'''ocal '''C'''hamp badge [[Image:Badge_LocalChamp.png|30px|baseline|Local Champ]]. Optional. use {{para|<var>LC</var>|<var>1</var>}}.
:Switch to display the '''L'''ocal '''C'''hamp badge [[Image:Badge_LocalChamp.png|30px|baseline|Local Champ]]. Optional. use {{para|<var>LC</var>|<var>1</var>}}.
:Switch to display the '''F'''entoring badge, for '''M'''Formal [[Image:Badge_Mentor.png|30px|baseline|Mentor]]. Optional. use {{para|<var>MG</var>|<var>1</var>}}.
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:Switch to display the '''W'''iki '''M'''aster badge [[Image:Badge_WikiMaster.png|30px|baseline|Wiki Expert]]. Optional. use {{para|<var>WM</var>|<var>1</var>}}.
:Switch to display the '''W'''iki '''M'''aster badge [[Image:Badge_WikiMaster.png|30px|baseline|Wiki Expert]]. Optional. use {{para|<var>WM</var>|<var>1</var>}}.
== Recommended usage & Example ==
== Recommended usage & Example ==

Latest revision as of 23:48, 23 April 2016

This is a documentation subpage for Template:VIP.
It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original template page.

This template allows to structure the display, in a tabulated way, of one community management member, usually a Global or Local Champ, or a community key contributor, including a quicklink to Private Message him and including the display of his main forum badges.


 | name= 
 | CC=1
 | GC=1
 | MG=1
 | ML=1
 | LE=1
 | EE=1
 | BE=1
 | PE=1
 | CE=1
 | WE=1
 | WM=1



Pseudo of the member. Required. This must match with the forum pseudo syntax as this parameter is used to feed the Private Message quick link. use |name=member's forum pseudoname.


Switch to display the Country Coordinator badge Country Coordinator. Optional. use |CC=1.


Switch to display the Global Champ badge Global Champ. Optional. use |GC=1.


Switch to display the Local Champ badge Local Champ. Optional. use |LC=1.


Switch to display the Fentoring badge, for MFormal Mentor. Optional. use |MG=1.


Switch to display the Mentoring badge, for Global Champ Mentor. Optional. use |MG=1.


Switch to display the Mentoring badge, for Local Champ Mentor. Optional. use |ML=1.


Switch to display the Localization Expert badge Localization Expert. Optional. use |LE=1.


Switch to display the Editing Expert badge Editing Expert. Optional. use |EE=1.


Switch to display the Beta editor Expert badge Beta Editor Expert. Optional. use |BE=1.


Switch to display the Points Expert badge Points Expert. Optional. use |PE=1.


Switch to display the Client Expert badge Client Expert. Optional. use |CE=1.


Switch to display the Wiki Expert badge Wiki Expert. Optional. use |WE=1.


Switch to display the Wiki Master badge Wiki Expert. Optional. use |WM=1.

Recommended usage & Example

In order to use it in a user-friendly manner, especially to allow other wiki contributors to easily update it, it is recommended to format its usage this way :

-- CC : Country Coordinator
-- GC : Global Champ
-- LC : Local Champ
-- MG : Mentoring as Global Champ
-- ML : Mentoring as Local Champ
-- LE : Localization Expert
-- EE : Editing Expert
-- BE : Beta Editor Expert
-- PE : Points Expert
-- CE : Client Expert
-- WE : Wiki Expert
-- WM : Wiki Masters

{{VIP|name=pseudoname1     |CC=1|GC=1|MG=1     |WM=1}}
{{VIP|name=pseudoname2     |CC=1|GC=1|MG=1|LE=1     }}
{{VIP|name=pseudoname3          |GC=1     |EE=1     }}
{{VIP|name=pseudoname4          |GC=1               }}
{{VIP|name=pseudoname5          |GC=1|MG=1          }}
{{VIP|name=pseudoname6          |LC=1|ML=1|PE=1     }}
{{VIP|name=pseudoname7          |LC=1|ML=1|CE=1     }}
{{VIP|name=pseudoname8          |LC=1               }}
{{VIP|name=pseudoname9          |LC=1|ML=1          }}
{{VIP|name=pseudoname10         |LC=1|    |WE=1|WM=1}}

The result will be displayed as below :

pseudoname1 Private message.png Country CoordinatorGlobal ChampWiki MasterMentor
pseudoname2 Private message.png Country CoordinatorGlobal ChampLocalization ExpertMentor
pseudoname3 Private message.png Global ChampEditing Expert
pseudoname4 Private message.png Global Champ
pseudoname5 Private message.png Global ChampMentor
pseudoname6 Private message.png Local ChampPoints ExpertMentor
pseudoname7 Private message.png Local ChampClient ExpertMentor
pseudoname8 Private message.png Local Champ
pseudoname9 Private message.png Local ChampMentor
pseudoname10 Private message.png Local ChampWiki ExpertWiki Master

Formatting the usage as proposed above, provides at the top a comment that explain all possible badge switches, then, for each entry, set of "columns" after the pseudoname :

  • The first one is for the Country Coordinator
  • The second one is for the champ level, which could be either Global or Local (but not both)
  • The third one is for mentoring level, which could for either a Global or a Local champ
  • The fourth one is for the Expert level. A member can have several areas of expertise, but the badge will always be the same (only the tooltip caption change). Thus it is suggested to choose only the most important badge.
  • The last one is for the Wiki Master.

Category added

This template does not add a category.