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===Map Editing Rank Criteria===
===Map Editing Rank Criteria===
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=== Waze Champs ===
=== Waze Champs ===

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Waze Map Editing Ranks link to this section

When you edit the map, you accumulate map edit points. You can also earn higher editing ranks. Both map edit points and editing rank are displayed when you use the map editor.

Editing Permission

Your editor rank affects the area of the map you can edit as well as your ability to "lock" roads, places, and cameras, edit locked roads, places, and cameras, and add closures to roads. For more information, please read about permissions in the waze map editor. You can see the current editing rank of the last editor of any segment, place, or camera by selecting the object and checking the information in the left pane. If you need help fixing an object that is locked above your rank, please read about editing objects locked above your rank

Map Editing Rank Criteria

Rangu līmeņi Latvijā

The information below about points, ranks, and promotion applies to most countries. Please check for any additional information about your country. In particular, countries with rank Self-Management may have very different ranking systems.

If you are NOT in a rank Self-Managed country and you have met the criteria for promotion, please contact Waze Support to request promotion. If you are in a rank Self-Managed country, please read your country-specific information to learn about rank promotion.

Waze Champs

Waze Champs are fellow Wazers like everyone else who are generally; very experienced using Waze, have tenure, are active in the forums with moderator privileges, contribute to the Waze Wiki, and participate in many Waze related projects.

Most forum questions are answered by these users as they give their time freely to the Waze community. They are selected by Waze developers and are generally in closer direct communication with the Waze development team.

This group also includes Wazers who were invited by Waze to the attend the various Waze Meet-Ups around the globe.

The Waze Champ status only appears in the forums as part of the user's profile history when they post a message.

If for any reason you have a question you don't feel comfortable asking in the main forums, you can send a Private Message (PM) to a Waze Champ who will be happy to answer your question.

Forum badges

The Waze forums use badges to indicate group membership for Waze editors. Some editors may belong to multiple groups, but only one badge can be displayed. Each Waze editor who has more than one badge can select which badge to display in the right pane of their forum posts. The following table identifies the current badges in use in the forums. Membership in these groups requires approval by a country's Self-Management and is applied to the forum by certain Champs or Waze administration.

Forum Badges
Badge GlobalChamp.png Global Champ Editors selected by Waze management that show long standing contributions to the entire global Waze community. Typically requires having been a Local Champ for some period of time.
Badge LocalChamp.png Local Champ Editors selected by Waze management that show long standing contributions to the Waze community for their country. Typically requires having been a Country Manager for some period of time.
Badge CountryManager.png Country Manager Editors who have reached the required map editing rank can apply to be a Country Manager.
Badge StateManager.png State Manager Editors who have reached the required map editing rank can apply to be a State Manager.
Badge AreaManager.png Area Manager Editors who have reached the required map editing rank can apply to be an Area Manager.
Badge MapRaider.png Map Raider
Badge WikiMaster.png Wiki Master A group of dedicated volunteers working together with a Waze staff representative to organize, modernize and update the wiki.
Badge Coordinator.png Coordinator Community members who work closely with Waze staff to ensure effective communications between them and the Waze user community.
Badge Expert.png Expert Users who are Experts generally focus on a particular area of Waze. There is an Expert Forum focused on these different areas. Originally introduced in this forum entry.
Badge Mentor Global Champ.png Mentor Global Champ

Knowledgeable Waze editors who mentor new rising editors in the Formal Mentoring program.

There are three types of mentors: regular, Local Champ, and Global Champ.

Badge Mentor Local Champ.png Mentor Local Champ
Badge Mentor.png Mentor
Badge Localizer Global Champ.png Localization Global Champ Given to top Wiki translators who have dedicated a lot of time and effort to making Waze fit into their communities.
Badge Localizer Local Champ.png Localization Local Champ
Badge Localizer.png Top Localizer
Badge BetaTester.png Beta Tester Membership requires approval by Waze management. Information on applying can be found at the Waze beta site called
Badge Edit Rank 6.png Map Editor Rank 6 Membership is open, but is based on your editing rank.
Badge Edit Rank 5.png Map Editor Rank 5
Badge Edit Rank 4.png Map Editor Rank 4
Badge Edit Rank 3.png Map Editor Rank 3
Badge Edit Rank 2.png Map Editor Rank 2
Badge Edit Rank 1.png Map Editor Rank 1
Badge Management.png Management Restricted to Waze management employees.
Badge WazeStaffAdmin.png Waze Staff Administrator Waze employees that manage and interface with Waze editors and users.

VIP Lietotāji

Until January 2013, the waze team recognized certain exceptional contributors with a special VIP icon. As of January 2013, the VIP status is not available. The Waze team is working on a different approach to recognize exceptional contributors.