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Below you will find information related to using Waze in the State of Texas. All editors in the state are required to have a non usa_username, have their private messaging turned on, and turn live users on in the layers menu. Please pay attention to the chat window in the lower right-hand part the map editor (and introduce yourself if you're a first-time editor). You can find useful info there and ask questions. You can also find useful information at the Texas forum page. You can also join Slack and chat with Texas editors, as well as the state managers (SM) and regional coordinator (RC).

Cities and towns

There are 6386 Cities and Towns spread across 254 counties in the state. See Cities in Texas for proper naming information.

City names should be everything inside of the city limits. City limits are clearly defined by the green signs. Use of Google Maps to find where a city is highly discouraged.

Roads in Texas

Road naming

Interstates = I-XX
US Highway = US-XX
State Highway = SH-XX
State Loop = State Loop XX
State Spur = Spur XX
State Park Road = Park Rd XX
State Recreation Road = Park Rd XX
Farm/Ranch to Market = FM/RM XX
County Road = CR-XX
Private Road = Private Rd XX

Business Roads

All business roads should be suffixed with BUS:
Business Interstate = I-XX BUS
Business US Highway = US-XX BUS

Road Naming Abbreviations & Suffixes

Interstates throughout the state

  • I-2 Rio Grande Valley
  • I-10 New Mexico to Louisiana
  • I-20 Midland/Odessa to Louisiana
  • I-27 Lubbock to Amarillo
  • I-30 Fort Worth to Arkansas
  • I-35 Mexico to Oklahoma
  • I-35E Hillsboro to Denton through Dallas
  • I-35W Hillsboro to Denton through Fort Worth
  • I-37 Corpus Christi to San Antonio
  • I-40 New Mexico to Oklahoma
  • I-45 Galveston to Dallas
  • I-69 Brownsville/Edinburg/Laredo to Texarkana (will follow US-59)
  • I-369 Spur to west side of Texarkana
  • I-410 Loop around San Antonio
  • I-610 Loop around Houston
  • I-635 Spur through DFW Metroplex
  • I-820 Loop around Fort Worth 

Special roads

  • When not to divide a two-way road
  • Divided Roads
  • Carpool, HOV, Transit lanes
  • Roundabouts and Traffic Circles
  • Cul-de-sac's
  • Dirt Roads. In Texas ALL roads that are unpaved or gravel are considered dirt roads as this is how GPS Nav users (any brand) expect the "Avoid Dirt Roads" feature to behave. These roads should be deleted when going through farm land, ranch land, or mountainous areas throughout the state, as they are most likely base import roads and not real roads. For roads which are labeled with names and are actually dirt on SATIMG, please keep these and make them dirt roads.
  • Parking Lot Roads
  • Toll Roads
  • Frontage roads Name as "Frontage Rd" unless the corresponding highway has an alternate name. I-635 Frontage roads are labeled as "Lyndon B Johnson Freeway" as that is the local name for I-635.
  • Alleys and driveways are NOT MAPPED
  • Any road which is a main road for a state park can be a  Primary Street . Other roads can be  Street .

Non-drivable roads

Generally, if a road can't be driven on (e.g. Walking Trail, Pedestrian Boardwalk, Stairway, Ranch road in the middle of nowhere) then it should not be mapped in Waze. This is due to the way the routing engine works, as Waze WILL route users to drive on these "Non-Drivable" road types.

Railroads mapped in Texas should follow the current standard of editing. All crossings should be connected and turn restrictions to/from the RR should be set to the off position.


All freeways are set to ground level. If two freeways cross each other, look at the actual intersection to discover the layers of the intersection.

U-turns are labeled as "Turnaround" and set to whatever type identified in FC (if not typed in FC, set to 'Street').

In Texas we have a set minimum standard for locking roads based on segment type. Any road of a certain segment type must be locked at least to the rank (level) in the chart below. Roads may be locked higher for protection and special situations (areas with construction, tricky design, frequent mistakes, imaging inaccuracies, and the like), but should not be locked lower. If you find a road locked to a higher level than its minimum, please leave it locked no lower than that level when you have finished editing.

Texas Minimum Locking Rank Standard
Segment Type Lock Level
 Freeway  5
 Ramp  4
 Major Highway  4
 Minor Highway  3
 Primary Street  2
 Street  Automatic (1)
 |-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-| Railroad |-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|  2
 • • • • Ferry • • • •   5
 Private Road  2

Functional Classification of Roads

See Road names/USA and Road types/USA.

Texas is participating in the new functional classification across the entire state. This will be a 100% changeover for the entire state. Some highways may be downgraded, others may be upgraded.

FC cross reference

  • An Interstate, Urban Principal Arterial Freeway & Expressway is a  Freeway 
  • Any road that acts, looks, & feels like a freeway should be set to  Freeway  road type.
  • A Principal Arterial-Other is a  Major Highway 
  • A Minor Arterial is a  Minor Highway 
  • A Collector is a  Primary Street 
  • All other roads are to be classified as  Street 

Refer to this chart to determine the road type of a given road based on the functional class. (TXDOT map is here - click on Functional Class on the left).

 Fw   Freeway 
 Major   Major Highway 
 Minor   Minor Highway 
 PS   Primary Street 
 Street   Street 

When a state highway "SPUR" route is used to connect a state highway with another state highway, a US highway, or an Interstate (i.e., when it is used as a connector/CONN route), use the first state highway column.

FC issues by TxDot

If you find any issues where FC changes unexpectedly such as in the image (the small section of green in between 2 red sections), please let txemt know exactly where this is located, so he can let TxDot know.

FC issue.png


In late 2012 a discussion was started in the Connecticut Section of the Waze Forum that determined the existing worldwide guideline of "don't map individual businesses" wasn't enough and we needed a more complete set of guidelines for places worldwide. As a result of that discussion, a set of guidelines was created. If you wish to propose changes to these guidelines, please do so in the forum.

Please do not forget that a recent update to WME has enabled the Address properties for Landmarks (House number, street name, city, state & country) and ensure this information is filled out & correct.

Locking Standard

Lock at rank 5: Hospitals, universities, park and ride lots, arenas, airports.

Lock at rank 3: Any other place that has at least a correct category correct name, and correct address with house number. If you cannot lock high enough because of rank, lock as high as your rank allows, and get help from a higher-ranked editor to lock properly.

Info for Places

Please provide as much info about a place as possible, however DO NOT COPY FROM WEBSITES as this is plagiarism and will not be tolerated. The most common form is copying straight from Wikipedia. Please refrain from copy/paste anything from websites into the description field. They will be removed when discovered.

Gas Stations

You should familiarize yourself with the gas stations wiki - specifically naming, branding, and stop points.

When to use Area or Point in Texas

Here is the Texas guidance on selecting Area or Point for Places in the Waze Map Editor. All areas are to be landmarked from fence line to fence line to include all parking lots, roads, and anything associated with the property. Parking lot roads (PLRs), parking lots, and gas stations all serve the same purpose. There is no need to mark a PLR through a gas station or a parking lot.

The Primary Category for a Place is used to determine whether to use a Point or Area.

Place Name Harmonization

These name spellings are standardized so that Wazers will receive consistent results when searching in the client. Please use them when you edit one of these chain or franchise businesses.

If you don't find the business you're looking for, please use this form to submit the missing information.

View this list full-screen in Google Sheets

Major construction projects

See TxDot for a list of LONG TERM road closures & changes to traffic flow that impact the Waze map.

If you are aware or made aware of any long term closures (construction, work closures and emergency closures), please fill out this form. Your submission will be reviewed by US Champs and submitted to the Waze team upon approval.

I-35 (Austin to DFW)


Currently, the only way to add cameras to the editor are from the app. When placing a camera in the app, drop a general error with "RLC W" where W = the direction the camera is facing. This will allow other editors to know which way the camera is facing when they go to approve it in the editor.

Red light cameras

Red Light Cameras are LEGAL in the State of Texas.

Contrary to popular belief, these cameras do not sit on the top of lights at an intersection. If you've gotten to an intersection, you've already passed the red light camera.These cameras mounted on traffic signals are used as part of the signal control. These compare sequential images of the intersection approach to determine if there is a vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, etc) waiting and will trigger the sequence. These devices CANNOT issue tickets.

There are traditional traffic monitoring cameras covering most of the major highways in the state. These send live feeds to the various traffic agencies around the state and are for monitoring traffic only.

Speed Cameras

Speed cameras are currently ILLEGAL in the State of Texas. Any request for a speed camera, or any approved speed cameras need to be removed from the map.

Military Bases

Texas has a long standing tradition for support the US military. If you have questions concerning any military base in the state, please do not hesitate to ask. All military bases in the state are set to the current installation standard.

  • All gates at the military bases are set to private road in/street out with some gates having restrictions on them for the various gate closures.
  • If you know of any changes in the hours of a gate, please let a US Champ know and they will adjust it accordingly.
  • All gates are locked at a level 6 and are tiered down to a 4.

Landmarks approved for military bases are:

  • Commissary
  • PX/BX
  • Gas stations
  • Parks
  • Museums

To do list

Want to help out with the map in Texas? Stop adding parking lot roads everywhere, solve URs, ask questions to anyone listed below, and seek out advice when/where needed. Please adhere to the rules for editing.

Upcoming Construction Projects

7.6.2015 - I-45 at US 242 in the Woodlands. Ramps will become toll. Affected Section

San Antonio Construction sources

Mapping utilities

Editors in the State

If you are an editor in Texas, or a USA Country Manager that does a lot of work in Texas, please ask to be added.

View this list full-screen in Google Sheets


Waze has been designed to be an open community with various levels of editors. Rank 5 and 6 editors are senior editors. They are here to help you and are to be respected at all times. Instructions from senior editors are to be followed, unless it conflicts with this page. If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to PM one of the rank 6s or 5s in the list (if you're having a problem with one, please PM the regional coordinators). We will try to handle the issue as quickly and peacefully as possible.

You may want to check common editing mistakes to see if you are editing properly. Although It is not possible to list every occurrence of problems which can occur in the editor, the following are some examples of what has happened in the past:

  • Deleting and redrawing roads
  • Creating mass amounts of parking lot roads
  • Creating roads on top of already existing roads
  • Disrespect to higher ranking editors
  • Not cleaning up your own mess
  • Not responding to private messages in a timely manner (usually 48 hours)
  • Willful damage to the map
  • Editing just to clear geometry nodes will result in an instant blocking of your editing rights

Everyone is allowed one free pass, but disciplinary actions after the first occurrence for the above may include:

  • Formal mentoring
  • Temporary suspension of editing rights
  • Permanent suspension of editing rights

User Reports (URs)

Update Requests in Waze Map Editor

Recently, there have been a rash of editors giving long winded responses to URs. The average person is not going to read beyond the 3rd or 4th line. In this example:

"Many drivers think a report shows their destination and route information, it doesn't. It doesn't even tell us who filed the report. We volunteer map editors only see where you are when you start your report and short pieces of the recommended and driven routes. We need more information to fix your problem. Thank you for the report and all the WAZE you help. If you respond to my query and I do not acknowledge within 1 day, please e-mail me at with a repeat of the information. This report will be closed as 'not identified' if there is no response within 7 days."

and this example:

"Please provide more details so we can investigate the "General error" you reported. Volunteer map editors only fix map problem. We don't see what you see on your screen. We only see where you were located when you started your report and a short segment of the WAZE recommended route and a short segment of the route taken. To test the routing, we need to know the approximate start and end points of your route. Your routing options are important. Do you Avoid toll roads? Avoid major highways? Dirt roads allow/don't allow/avoid long ones? Have you selected 'fastest route' or 'shortest route'? Thank you for the report and all the WAZE you help. If no response within 7 days, this report will be closed as 'Not identified'."

the user will most likely either not get beyond the "We need more information to fix your problem" or they will skim through it and not pay attention to what is being asked of them. Please keep responses to URs at a minimum. Asking someone to explain more information about their issue does not require a novel, it should read like the box score to a game in the newspaper.

A shorter, more to the point response should suffice. An example:

"You reported a general error at ______________________ and ______________________ but left no info as to what's wrong. Can you please elaborate, so we may look into and resolve the issue? Thank you."


"You reported a missing road, but didn't tell us the name of the road. Could you please give us the name, so we may add it to the map? Thank you."

These are short, simple, to the point, and don't bother the driver with useless information about satellites, sun spots, the curvature of Earth's horizon in relation to Mars' gravitational pull, or other weird explanations from editors which have popped up on URs.