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This page is only transcluded into (displayed on) the main page for this state.
It directly follows the common guidelines applicable to all states. When this
page is present (even if blanked), it displaces any optional code that might be
in that section.
If the original optional code from the main page for this section is still
desired, it can be restored by adding the following code to the first line
between the "DO NOT MODIFY" lines on this page:

If there will be a full page for this section, use code similar to the wording
below to provide a hyperlink to that page. When creating the full page, use the
link on the talk page to ensure the preload data is provided to help with
formatting the page. Don't just use the red link from this section once it is

See Texas/Test/Intro for guidance in Texas that may not be universal to all other states.

This section has three possible purposes:
1. It is only providing a hyperlink to the full page for this section.
2. It is only providing some unique guidance for this state that differs from
other states.
3. It is intentionally wiping out the general optional content for this section
for this state.