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Welcome, NY Wazers! (Please note that this page is a work in progress, and owes much to other pages here from which the general format was copied!)

If you are an editor or area manager working in the state of New York, please update this Wiki with the areas where you are working! Please feel free to contact me at the forum using the link below if you have questions about this page, about editing, or about life in general. :)

~ Spil, Area Manager for NY's Southern Tier Region ~ page opened 08JAN2012

Current Projects

03MAR2012: I've added this new section to our Wiki for us to show what areas or projects we're currently working on. This way, we can avoid duplication of efforts by keeping each other informed of what we're doing. In this section, please add your name, where you're from (if you so desire), and your current project(s), including permalink(s).

Editor Home Base Current Project Area
Spil Steuben County Utica-Rome; Grand Island; SR-14
Jimerb Suffolk County Deer Park and Greater Babylon Cleanup
jeberhard Westchester County Road classification based on DOT maps
socon Queens County Central Queens including I-495 (LIE), Grand Central Parkway, Southern/Northern State Parkways, extending east towards and including the Hamptons.
ncc1701v ... ...
crusho2011 Onondaga County Greater Syracuse area

Interstates and Major Freeways

Primary issues for Interstate and Major Freeway work

  • remove excess junction nodes (those not at intersections or at city-name changes)
  • inspect and correct connectivity of necessary junctions
  • update highway and ramp segment "road types"
  • update all segment "Street Names" in accordance with the standards published in the Wiki -- for example:
      • I-90 E
      • I-481 N
      • "Split" (1-way) segments: US-219 N
      • "Unsplit" (2-way) segments: US-20
      • "Split": SR-36 S
      • "Unsplit": SR-60
    • OFFRAMP:
      • numbered exit: Exit 26: Olean
      • numbered exit with multiple names: Exit 59: Dunkirk / Fredonia
      • non-numbered exit: Exit to SR-39 / Springville
    • ONRAMP:
      • to I-81 N / Watertown
      • to I-86 E / Corning / Binghamton
  • inspect and correct overpasses/underpasses to ensure that the segments are on different levels and do not have a junction node where they meet

Interstate / Major Freeway Chart

If you are working on one of these sections, please update the following chart to include your screenname and progress details in the appropriate fields. For exit naming assistance, use the links provided with the highway numbers or names below. (For interstates in the NYC area, use the New York City page.)

Section Editor(s) Progress Comment
PA Border to Syracuse Spil 100% should be no major issues remaining here
Syracuse to Canada Border Spil 5% 03NOV2012 - just started working on this ... most of it was imported as a Major Highway and hasn't been updated yet
Southeast Syracuse BigOB ... ...
I-781 (scheduled completion: August 2012)
Fort Drum Spil 0% 03NOV2012 - will take care of this spur when I get that far north in my work on I-81
PA Border to CT Border ... ... ...
Westchester (I-287) to Brewster (I-84) jeberhard 100% Should be no major issues remaining
I-86 / NY-17
PA Border to Hancock Spil 100% The construction project for converting NY-17 to I-86 is scheduled to be completed in late 2012; when it is done, I will need to update the highway and onramp segment names from Elmira to Binghamton and from Windsor to Hancock.
Hancock to I-87 (Exit 16, Harriman) bslande / Spil 1000% 28MAY2012 - this portion has been completed now! It will need additional updating in the future when it eventually becomes I-86. (Spil)
New York City to Albany ... ... moved to the NYC page
Albany to Canada Border ... ... ...
NJ Border to Port Chester (I-95) jeberhard 75% Ramp renaming in progress. Construction on-going, will need to rework exit 8 area when complete.
Albany ... ... ...
Binghamton to Schenevus Spil 100% should be no major issues remaining here
Schenevus to Albany ... ... ...
PA Border to Orchard Park Spil 100% should be no major issues remaining here
Orchard Park to Syracuse ... ... ...
Syracuse to MA border ... ... ...
Downtown Buffalo invented 1% Phantom roads, unsigned exits, improper turn restrictions
Niagara Falls ... ... ...
Avoca to Mount Morris Spil 100% should be no major issues remaining here
Mount Morris to I-90 ... ... ...
I-90 to I-490 (Rochester) conbot ... ...
West End: I-90 (Exit 47, LeRoy) to I-390 conbot ... ...
East End: I-390 to I-90 (Exit 45, Victor) conbot ... ...
Southeast Rochester conbot ... ...
Syracuse BigOB ... ...
Utica ... ... ...
Schenectady ... ... ...
Buffalo to Amherst ... ... ...
US-15 (Future I-99)
PA Border to Corning (I-86) Spil ~ 100% done for now ... "Freeway" status is not complete in the Lindley area, but that portion is properly updated as "Major Highway"; will keep an eye on this as the freeway construction is completed, and will someday have to update it to I-99
US-219 (possible Future I-67)
PA Border to Orchard Park Spil ~ 100% done for now ... "Freeway" status currently extends only from Buffalo (just outside my editing area) south to Springville, but the rest is properly updated as "Major Highway"; will keep an eye on this as the freeway construction continues south to the PA Border
Orchard Park to Buffalo ... ... ...


City Chart

If you are working in one of these cities, please update the following chart to include your screenname and progress details in the appropriate fields. (Feel free to add other cities that you think may be of interest or that you are already editing.)

City Editor(s) Progress Comment
Albany chrysrobyn 100% ...
Binghamton Spil 100% ...
Buffalo/Niagara Falls: see this page -- who wants to take this area?
Corning Spil 100% ...
Cortland Spil 100% ...
Dunkirk / Fredonia Spil 100% ...
Elmira Spil 100% ...
Ithaca IlPapu / zikzak / Spil 20-25% bits and pieces completed from Update Requests and related editing; some work done in Lansing and downtown Ithaca; added a few parking lots and removed extra junctions here and there; more work needed
Jamestown Spil 100% ...
New York City/Long Island/Northern New Jersey: see this page
New Rochelle ... ... ...
Olean Spil 100% ...
Oneonta Spil 15% bits and pieces completed from Update Requests; more work needed
Poughkeepsie ... ... ...
Rochester NecoBri / conbot ... ...
Rome Spil 20% 07JUN2012 -- cleaned up the two major thoroughfares (Black River Blvd and Erie Blvd); also cleaned up SR-365 from Oneida to Rome and SR-49 (Utica-Rome Expressway) from Utica to Rome; still working on other state routes and minor thoroughfares, as well as residential areas
Schenectady chrysrobyn 100% ...
Syracuse BigOB ... ...
Utica Spil 2% 28MAY2012 -- starting work on the Utica-Rome area
Watertown ... ... ...
Yonkers ... ... ...

Suburban / Rural Regions

Suburban / Rural Chart

If you are working in one of these areas, please update the following chart to include your screenname and progress details in the appropriate fields. (Feel free to subdivide the larger regions as needed to fit your area.)

Rural Region Editor(s) Progress Comment
Southern Tier (borders:
PA in west and south;
Oneonta in east; Tully &
Orchard Park in north)
Spil ~ 15-20% 17MAY2012: bits and pieces completed from Update Requests and other editing; much more work needed!
North Western (Buffalo/Rochester) Rynerson27 ... Working on Turn Restrictions for Suburban Monroe County
North Central (Syracuse/Utica) ... ... ...
Adirondack ... ... ...
Capital District chrysrobyn 50% Central to western Troy done, now looking east of Albany. Rural areas will get lots of URs because turns are hard to rig to match what it feels like when you drive it. I-87 corridor from Glens Falls south to Ravena is done.

If you have any additions, updates, corrections, or suggestions for this page, feel free to edit it yourself, or send a PM to Spil. Thank you, and Happy Wazing!