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Traduisez Waze (les textes du client) dans votre langue

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Pour accompagner la croissance de Waze et l'arrivée d'utilisateurs de tous les pays, nous avons migré vers un outil appelé "Transifex" qui offre un plus grande facilité d'utilisation aux traducteurs.

To join our translation teams, and translate Waze in your native language, please do the following :

1. Open the Transifex link and sign in free as a translator. We recommend using your "Waze" credentials as your "Transifex" user name.

2. Send a "Join Team" request to Waze Active Project using the following links:

3. After it will be approved you can start and help us translate Waze in your native language!

Hope to see you soon on the Waze Translaton Team!