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Do not use a partial restriction if the turn is forbidden to all vehicles on all days and all times.


Complete Guide to Waze in Vietnam (Under Development)

Hopefully you're reading this and want to edit the map, and I thank you for your interest in helping improve Waze in Vietnam. We should all aim to have the Best Mapping Solution. However, Map Editing is a time consuming activity, tedious process, and also if done incorrectly will cause routing error that will affect apps performance in the navigation process. This kind of error will frustrate waze user and will create a lot of unnecessary Update_request. Kindly spend the necessary time understanding what it takes to edit correctly & accurately.

Sri Lanka

mMR Sri Lanka 2

How to differentiate using undivided two-way roads or split roads? Is the road has legal divider (solid [uninterrupted] yellow or white paint, mark)? Is the road has physical divider (Jersey barrier, bricks, fences, etc)?

The roads must be drawn as split roads when it has physical barrier. The roads should be drawn as split roads when it has legal divider. The roads can be drawn as undivided two-way roads when it has legal divider. The roads must be drawn as undivided two-way roads when it doesn’t have any legal divider (no solid center line or has broken [interrupted] white/yellow line)