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User Reports


Initial Responses

General Error (no desc)

Thank you for your report - could you please provide more detail concerning the issue you encountered? (Waze app > Inbox > new comment message > swipe up to reply)

Speed Limits, already correct

Thank you for your report - the speed limit appears to be appropriately marked as [speed] in this area.

Please let us know if there is any additional info which will help us identify or resolve the issue you encountered.


Roundabouts are different

We’re glad you're curious and noticing the small stuff :)

The different types of audible instructions are meant to help you orient yourself with the correct lane as you approach the roundabout, when possible. Typically, roundabouts with up to 4 ‘spokes’ give turn instructions, while ones with more give “take the # exit” instructions.

The southern roundabout has signage and paint markings on the street to help you get into the correct lane - The sign for I-94 EB has a dot with an arrow wrapping around and pointed to the left - this is considered a left turn (around the roundabout).

The same markings and instructions would be insufficient on the northern, more complex roundabout, so it does not have the same paint markings on the road, and uses the "take the 2nd exit" type instructions.

Hope that helps make sense of things!

Waze is dumb

I'm sorry you had a frustrating experience. Waze is primarily powered by volunteers and users - your feedback helps us improve the map.

Would you mind sharing your start and end locations so we can troubleshoot and figure out where Waze went wrong? Thanks!

Waze 180

Volunteer responding - It sounds like this issue occurred while you were still parked. Before you've started driving/moving, Waze (like any gps) guesses which way you're pointed and places you on the nearest road. If you keep driving it should give Waze a chance to detect which way you are pointed and offer you a more suitable route.

If there is another/different issue, please let us know. (Waze app > Inbox > new comment message > swipe up to reply)

Follow Up

No Response

Just a reminder - map editors are still willing to help if you're interested!

Please let us know in the next day or so, or we will have to close your report as "not identified".

(Waze app > inbox > msg > swipe up to reply)

Thanks. [follow-up]

Closing Comments

No Response (comment & close)

Unfortunately, due to a lack of information/activity, this report is being closed as "Not identified" Please feel free to report any new errors your encounter in the future. Thanks!