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User:Fuchserl/Colour schemes/DACH colours day

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Last updated 2017-10-11

Download schema (owncloud)

A theme featuring colours of roads and other features like users in DACH countries expect them to be based on experience from paper maps. Created for waze version 4.x

  • colours of roads and other features like user in DACH countries expect them to be based on experience from paper maps
    • freeways (Autobahnen, Schnellstraßen) are orange
    • major highways (Bundesstraßen) are red
    • railroads are dark grey with texture and therefore well visible
    • dirt roads are brown and well visible
    • non-drivable roads are thinner but visible
  • other design parameters
    • default area colour is grey
    • runways are visible
    • private roads are slightly red (warning color, driving forbidden!) and well visible
    • parking lot roads are slightly blue and well visible
    • map background is slightly grey so it is not too bright
    • one way arrows are better visible
    • selection color is bright blue
    • alternative routes colours are green - orange - red


20161203: added colors for parking lot places

20161020: added sufficient thickness (new parameter) for routes on alternative routes screen, made the zoom level when labels disappear more consistent

20160325: 50% transparency for nearly all elements, makes it more pleasant to look at

Fuchserl dach day 1.png
Fuchserl dach day 2.png
Fuchserl dach day 3.png