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  • You can get more information on an event by tapping on it. It can list who submitted it, and you can even talk about it.
  • You can set your mood by tapping the Menu (HNavBtn.PNG) button, then tap the My Waze ((My Waze Button 20px)) button. From this menu, tap Moods, and you can set your mood. Waze Babies cannot set their mood.
  • You can talk to other Wazers by taping on their name and tapping Ping
  • Don't like the route that was given because of traffic? Tap the Menu (HNavBtn.PNG) button, then tap the Routes ((Routes Button 20px)) button. It will give you up to 3 alternate routes to take, including the one you are currently on.
  • You don't need to send a report as soon as you make it. Clicking the Later button saves it to the side so when you have more focus, you can add extra information.
  • Reports with a paperclip have a picture.