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Live issues appear on the map as they are reported by other users, or detected by passively running Waze applications on other user's phones.

How to Report

On the Waze Main Map, tap the bottom right Report (1alertHowBTN.png) button, then tap the specified report button.

Time Delay

Because of technical limitations and privacy, reports will generally be delayed about 30 seconds to 2 minutes. If both you and another Wazer report a similar issue nearby in the same period of time, the server will combine the reports, then report the first report to other Wazers.

Report Time Length

Reports will last 60 minutes from when they are reported, or until another Wazer clicks 'Not There' when requested by the program. The timer will reset when another Wazer clicks the Thumbs Up button on a report.

Generic Additions

On every report, you can add details about the incident.

  • ShareDtlN.png - Share Details Section
  • TakePicEvent.png - Take a Photo

If you see something in the opposite lane, you can click the "Other Lane" button to switch it to display in the other lane:

  • MyLanNew.png - Report will go to this lane.
  • OtherLanNew.png - Report will be visible in the other lane.

Saving Reports for Later

Clicking the Later button will save the report time and location so if you do not want to be distracted by creating a report, you can submit it when you have stopped at a stoplight or your final location.

Report Types

Traffic Jam

Reporting a Traffic Jam happens automatically when you're in slow traffic, but you can manually report traffic issues. On the iPhone, you can hold onto the Report Button (1alertHowBTN.png) and slide to the left.

From here, you can choose the traffic type:

  • ModIcoNew.png - Moderate traffic (Slowdown to less than half of normal speed)
  • HeavIcoN.png - Heavy traffic (Stops every now and then)
  • StandIcoN.png - Standstill traffic (Stops 50% of the time)


Reporting Police can only happen manually. Unfortunately, there is no way to report mobile Police, but you can report Police that are setting up speed traps and watching Red light runners.


Choosing between hidden and visible can help other Wazers spot the police car:

  • VisOrHiddenPol.png - Visible police (Police are plainly visible from a long range)
  • VisOrHiddenPol.png - Hidden police (Police are obstructed from the place they are watching, making it difficult to see the Police Officer)


Reporting accidents allows other users to navigate around them. Its useful to take a picture of the accident as you move around it. Accidents can vary, but generally any incident involving one vehicle hitting another (regardless of how small) should be reported.


Here you can choose between:

  • MajorAccN.png - Minor Accident (Accident blocks less than 40% of lanes)
  • BigMajorAcc.png - Major Accident (Accident blocks more than 40% of lanes)


Hazards are issues with the road that affect driving, but aren't really a major issue. This can be weather issues, or things in the road.

You can select the type of hazard:

  • OnRoadHazaN.png - On Road (Issues that are in direct lanes of Traffic. For accidents, choose Accident Report)
    • Construction - Construction Hazards should only be reported if they block lanes of normal traffic
    • Roadkill - If roadkill is in the middle of lanes of traffic, this should be the report.
    • Object on Road - An object is in lanes of traffic which Wazers may need to avoid, such as a broken tire, or box or something (for Roadkill, see above).
    • Pothole - When a pothole is in lanes of traffic, this should be the report.
  • ShoulderHazN.png - Shoulder hazard (Issues that are on the side of the road, not in lanes of normal traffic. Note that lanes under construction and not fit for civilian travel are considered shoulder)
    • Car Stopped - If a car stops on the shoulder for repairs or other issues, this should be the report. Note that for Accidents pulled over into the shoulder, you should use the Minor Accident report.
    • Animals - If an animal is on the shoulder, or roadkill is on the shoulder, this should be used for the report.
    • Missing Sign - If a sign is down (because of weather or malicious intention), it should be reported here.
  • WeatherHazN.png - Weather
    • Fog
    • Hail
    • Rain
    • Snow