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Waze does not give you instructions every time you drive through an intersection if it thinks you are continuing "straight" down the road, or if it thinks you don't have a choice about which way to go at the intersection. If your way out of the intersection is the Best Continuation (BC) of the way you came in, Waze gives you no instruction.

To determine if your route out is the best continuation, Waze checks the number of possible ways out and their turn angles, road names, and road types.

In an effort to simplify driving directions waze works to minimize instructions at every junction. If waze feels that you are driving on the same road it will not provide instructions for that intersection. Currently waze utilizes Name and Road Type in making this decision to determine if a road is the Best Continuation (BC) and therefore not provide any instructions.

As you know if there is only one exit segment less than 45 degrees from the entering segment waze will not provide an instruction. However if there are more than one exit segment and waze has determined there is a Best Continuation (BC) waze will only provide instructions for the other segment(s).

The rules for Best Continuation are rather simple, however in practice it can easily become confusing for even a senior editor.

The basic rules are you must have two or more exit segments that are less than 45 degrees from the entering segment, Waze will then look for a matching road segment trying to match Street Name and Road Type in this order
1 - Street Name and Road Type (names can be a cross match from alt name)
2 - Street Name
3 - Road Type

You can not have two Best Continuation, so if there are two equally good matches, there will not be a BC. All other turn instructions will be based off of the angle and Road Type of the exit segment, within a RHT country the options are: stay left (only one), exit right (only one), and stay right (you can have multiple).

Examples of Best Continuation in Action Add SV image, WME image and explanation of
-BC Name and Type
-BC Name
-BC Type
-BC confusing Name and Type examples

Example Intersection Description How Waze Acts Real Life Example Permalink

BC type and name.png

In this example, to the Left, you can see how we have a road type of a Major Highway and Name match before and after the intersection. The simplest example of Best Continuation in action. To the Right you can see how Waze treats this intersection. The white circle indicates that "No Directional" prompts will be given along that road BC type and name jai.png BC type and name example.png Permalink Here is an example of a Best Continuation in action with the Major Highway Watertown St continuing on. No instructions will be given in this example as you travel east to west.

BC name.png

Example BC name jai.png BC name example.png Permalink

BC type.png

See here how BC type jai.png 100x150px Example