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Multi-State Manager, or "MSM," is a formal role in the US editor self-management system.

Roles & Responsibilities

Multi-State Managers are granted some or all of the roles and responsibilities of a "full" State Manager for the states within their MSM area by their Regional Coordinator.

Each Regional Coordinator identifies the exact portions of the State Manager role that MSM's are expected to perform for the states included in their purview. As such, the specific implementation of the role is likely to differ between regions.

Each Regional Coordinator also identifies the states included in each MSM's purview; the collection of states granted may differ for each MSM within a region.


The Requirements to be eligible for the Multi-State Manager role are identical to those of State Managers.

Ideally, a State Manager would be rank 4-5 and a Multi-State Manager would be rank 5. This can vary by region and at the needs of each Regional Coordinator.

How to become a Multi-State Manager

Regional Coordinators grant Multi-State Manager promotions to State Managers in their regions.