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This page defines the commitments expected of a Local Champ in the United States. To retain the status of US Local Champ, with its rights and privileges, A US Local Champ must continue to meet these commitments, or request a leave of absence.

The role of US Local Champ requires a high level of commitment, leadership and staying informed/engaged in the waze community. They are expected to participate actively in the US Champ forum and voting process, in the US Champs Google Hangout, be well-informed on current policies and best practices, and actively engaged with the broad editor community. US Local Champs also act as Waze ambassadors to that community, and should maintain a certain level of polish and finesse in their interactions.


The guidelines on this page are specific to the United States Local Champs and do not reflect any guidelines or expectations of other countries' Local Champs or the Global Champ Group. To be specific, if a US Local Champ also holds a Global Champ title or other country Local Champ title, these guidelines only pertain to the title and access/actions discussed below of the US Local Champ title, any other title/role is not and will not be reflected/acted upon under these guidelines.


The role of a US Local Champ is hard earned and the title should be retained unless the US Local Champ chooses to step down or it has been determined that the US Local Champ can no longer serve in the role due to improper conduct of a US Local Champ, or the inability to remain engaged at the level described in this document.

It is necessary to create two separate groups of US Local Champs to achieve retaining the title and showing accountability of an active status, these two groups will be explained in detail below.

  • US Local Champ Group (active)
  • US Local Champ Emeritus Group (inactive)

Activity factors

These factors will be used to determine active/inactive status:

  • Date of last wiki edit
  • Date of last forum post
  • Date of last forum visit

Process for Determination of Active/Inactive Status

A spreadsheet will be available for US Local Champs to review and monitor as to the status of the group and their own current status.

The spreadsheet will be formulated to present the active/inactive status of each US Local Champ.

The formulation will use the 3 factors above, will eliminate the factor of the longest inactivity and average the remaining 2 factors.

Upon an average of greater than 90 days of inactivity the US Local Champ will be moved to the US Local Champ Emeritus Group.

Upon an average of 180 days of inactivity the US Local Champ will remain in the US Local Champ Emeritus Group, this will be considered a voluntary resignation/retirement.

A US Local Champ will be assigned as the moderator of the spreadsheet for a determined time frame (TBD), the moderator will be responsible for gathering the necessary factor information to input on spreadsheet on a (TBD) basis. The moderator assignment will rotate through the champ group as a champ project.

Spreadsheet moderator responsibilities

The moderator will be responsible for input of the data of the factors above and adjusting for new or removed US Local Champs on the spreadsheet.

Upon an average of 60 days of inactivity, the moderator will attempt contact of the inactive US Local Champ via PM and email and inquire about the US Local Champs inactivity, this will include an email to staff so they may attempt contact also.

If no contact can be established, the moderator will inquire via topic post in the US Champ forum for information regarding the champ.

Upon an average of 90 days of inactivity and no response from communication attempts the US Local Champ will be moved into the US Local Champ Emeritus Group and retain title, the moderator will inform the US Champ group of the specific US Local Champs loss of voting rights.

Upon an average of 180 days of inactivity and continued lack of response from communication attempts, the US Local Champ will remain in US Local Champ Emeritus Group, will lose access to US Champ forum and GHO, rank will be reduced to R5.

US Local Champ Groups Defined

  • US Local Champ Group:

This is the group of US Local Champs that are currently listed as active on the spreadsheet, average of factors being less than 90 days, and has full voting rights and access to champ forum.

  • US Local Champ Emeritus Group:

This is the group of US Local Champs that are currently listed as inactive on the spreadsheet, average of factors being greater than 90 days, the voting rights are restricted.

And any US Local Champ that exceeds the 180 days of inactivity in which the US Local Champ would lose all access/privileges and rank reduced to R5.

Reinstatement from US Local Champ Emeritus Group to US Local Champ Active Group

If inactivity falls between the 90 and 180 days, the US Local Champ will lose voting rights but still have access to the US Champ forums, they can announce their return with a post in the US Champ forum and begin their reintroduction to the US Local Champ role/duties at a self paced time frame. If there are objections/concerns from any other US Local Champ, it can be posted as a response and addressed at that time.

If inactivity has exceeded the 180 days, The US Local Champ Emeritus will begin the process of reinstatement by beginning the US Local Champ nomination and vote through an active US Local Champ recommendation and post to the US Champ forums. The reinstatement should be viewed as a new introduction, with consideration of holding the title but loss of access/privileges.