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(Closures for Rest Areas)
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== Closures for Rest Areas ==
== Rest Area closures ==
| contact    =
| type      = construction
| contacttype = no
| textstyle  = color: black; font-family: Albertus Medium;
| draft       = no
| text       = Currently at the time of this writing 02/2016, there are currently no guidelines as how to close rest areas. Please follow the current state guidelines below. 
| open        = no
| revision    = yes
| section    = yes
| talk        = no
Collect the proper information that you need to confirm a rest area closure from[ MDT Construction Report]

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Rest Area closures

This revision of a section is currently undergoing modifications. The information and guidance is currently considered accurate enough to be followed now. Content is being prepared by one or more users. Do not make any changes before you send a private message to this user.