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Rest Area closures

As of this righting 02/2016 there are currently no guidelines in the wiki stating how to close a ramp. This was brought to the attention of our RC, discussion ensued and a final conclusion has been made. Listed below are the following state guidelines for Montana only and should not be considered accurate for any other state outside of Montana.

The choice to implement a RTC (Real time closure) was based on multiple parts. First we want to Update the rest area. Secondly turns: TBTR (time based turn restriction) Waze will still route to the rest area, RTC merely suggests a suggestion/penalty.There's no other way to get there, so it will route that way. A closure will make the segments invisible to the routing server and therefore will never direct the driver onto the ramp.

Updating Rest Area

When updating a Rest Area we want to make sure that the Rest Area is properly labeled by following the Waze Rest Area Wiki before we begin the closure.


provide the word CLOSED at the end of the Name field and provide a Closed description within the Description field.

Acquiring resources

Information on closure from MDT.png
In order to understand how to close a rest area, we first have to identify which rest area it is. We can find this information on MDT Construction and Maintenance site. MDT will have closures planned for the future, current closures and completed closures. For this scenario we will be using

Colmbus eastbound and westbound rest areas, parking lots, on and off ramps. With the provided resource we can now start to construct our Real Time Closure.(RTC)

  • Closure date: 2-29-16
  • Ending date: Until further notice
  • Reason: Under construction

We can then take this information and fill out a RTC on the ramp entering into the rest area to be closed.