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Map Raids

A “MapRaid” is a time limited, joint effort of a community, to improve the condition of the map. Veteran editors mentor new editors, and together they bring the map in the area to perfection. Some of the benefits of MapRaid!

  • Improving routing and navigation within the designated area quickly and efficiently.
  • Improve the map quickly and significantly.
  • Solve / respond User Reports.
  • Updating pending “Places” faster.
  • Establish a mentoring culture within the community.
  • Strengthen the relationship inside the community.

Map Raid Canada

Sign up form __ __ Open for registration until Friday 2015-01-23 22:00 EST

Editor list. Check here to see if your on the list. __

Or here. Check here to see if your on the list. __

Please join us. First ever MapRaid in Canada! If you would like to be a part of this historic MapRaid....Just fill in this form.

MapRaid Canada Form


  • Who: Everyone! (any rank and any country)
  • When: Sunday (2015-01-25) at 19:00 UTC
  • Duration: 10 days
  • Where: Canada (Montreal/National capital area)

Mega Map Raid - Global

Mega Map Raid __

  • Who can participate: Every editor of ANY rank is invited to participate.
  • When: First week of March.
  • How long: 99 hours.
  • How many editors: We're expecting over 999 editors.
  • Location: While we do not know the location for the raid just yet, it is anticipated that due to the large number of participating editors it may be actually be a country. All editors will be editing in the same region.

Please fill out this form before Sunday, February 22 to join in this unique editing experience.

This raid will not only be a way to interact and learn from each other, but it will be a regional battle!